NEWS - Inside the Armour (ITA) Churchill Mk I /II conversion resin kits - 1/35

      Chris Meddings, from Inside the Armour, announced it will launch the Churchill Mk I and II conversion kits, soon. The kits will cover the initial production MkI/II (it includes the early suspension which is different, and the spoked wheels) and intermediate/ late MkI/II and a Dieppe MkI/II

And the Sherman CDL turret, in 1/35 scale, to convert M4A1 Sherman in CDL Sherman:

35039 - Sherman CDL Turret

A turret conversion for all 1/35 models of the M4A1 Sherman of the Sherman variant of the Canal Defence Light. A simple and effective conversion to make something really different for your Sherman or Allied Tank collection

Master by Marcos Serra

This will be available from 1st October, preorders can be made now by emailing

That´s a very good news !!!

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