New mascot in the Bunker !!!

     Tankers and Modelers !!
       It's with great pride that I present to you guys the new mascot of Panzerserra Bunker:
Hauptmann von Serra
Hauptmann (Captain) von Serra
      Although he seems sullen and mysterious, von Serra is a good guy! He will join us from today, on our projects. This design was based on my avatar. The author of this cartoon is my daughter Maite, design student.
      She's a freelancer illustrator and takes commissions. See some works from her, here:

2 comentários:

  1. Oh gosh!
    This is a pretty damn good
    Same eyes however
    Nothing short of a sympathetic
    So, alles Ordnung, Herr Hauptmann Serra

  2. Thanks, Maximex !!!

    von Serra and Kojak say hi !!!

    All the best, my finn friend