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sábado, 20 de julho de 2013

Reporting for duty !!!

      Gents !!!
      Finally, I completed my address change... 
Hurrah !!!
A new home, new workbench, new Bunker !!! Smallest, but more organized and loaded with full ammo !!!
My new (squeezed) workbench...

         The whole story was a drama and the crisis of abstinence was killing me ... But, behold, here I am back!!

      Soon, very soon we'll see new kits under construction ... but I will not forget the old case reports!!!

See you, Lads !!!

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Pete Smith disse...

Nice looking man cave there, glad you have finally got settled hope you have many happy years in your new home

Marcos Serra disse...

Pete, thanks for the kind words !!!

All the best and big hug !!!

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