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domingo, 18 de agosto de 2013

Churchill Mk II (early and reworked) and Chuirchill Mk I CS - case report

      Tankers !!!
      This is my new project: a triple building of this primitive Churchils: two versions of the Churchill Mk II (2 pdr. gun in turret and MG Besa in the hull) and one Churchill Mk I reworked, adapted in Italy to carry two 3 inches howitzers (the original in the hull and another in the turret), with Pz III cupola to improve the vision range of the commander.
Churchill Mk I with two howitzers and Pz III cupola.
  With that, I'll build more versions of this fantastic tank for my collection. Maybe I can try build all  most important versions of this huge AFV ...
      I'll try to complete these three girls:
  • Churchill Mk I CS (reworked)  with field adaptation of two 3in. howitzers and Pz III commander cupola:
Profile corrected with help of Chris Meddings (Inside the Armour) and Mike Starmer
  • Churchill Mk II (early version):
Profile corrected with help of Chris Meddings, from Inside the Armour
  • Churchill Mk II (reworked):
Profile corrected with help of Chris Meddings, from Inside the Armour
      To do this, I'll use 03 Churchills Mk III, from AFV and 03 resin conversion kits from IMA (Churchill Infantry Mk I conversion kit).
Churchill Mk III AFV - a fantastic kit ...
Conversion kit from IMA - old, but honest...
      The history of these huge machines are here, in my post about the Churchill Mk I. About the history of Mk I CS, see here, in this incredible page.(go to page three, for this particular vehicle...). 

The kits:
      Starting the job, by the book:
Mass production ... Starting by the suspensions ... 
3 pairs of shoes ...

Wheels !!!

The sponsons are ready...
Stop the presses!!!
      While the building of the kit progresses, I continue with the research ...And I found this rare thing: See the pic below (from page 29 this David Doyle's incredible book): Penelope shows characteristics of early and reworked versions, mixed: a true hybrid:
Notice in Mk II "Penelope":(discussion only)
  • early air intakes and tracks
  • enveloping fenders
      Very cool ... I redrew the profile, to facilitate the building: I'll build the PENELOPE.
Churchill Mk II - hybrid "PENELOPE"
      The girls are growing...

     I replaced the resin barrel of the howitzer (slight buckling) by Plastruct tube. Much better.
Two howitzers barrels for BUSHMILLS...
The 3 girls... 
      The girls:
PENELOPE in close: notice the early air intakes and reworked fenders.
Turret with RBModels metal barrel (2pdr.) and Besa MG (RBModels) in the hull.
BACKER in close: notice the turret without stowage boxes. Exposed tracks.
Turret with RBModels metal barrel (2pdr.) and Besa MG (RBModels) in the hull.
BUSHMILLS in close: notice the turret with stowage boxes.
Turret with Plastruct 3 inc. howitzer. Front armour in resin
 Well, advances: I replaced the vinyl tracks (characteristics of the later models) for the early type, compatible with the Churchills Mk II:
AFV workable tracks: very good in details and building...
03 sets !!
       The Girls with shoes...

Penelope with complete fenders
Backer with exposed tracks...
Bushmills. Notice the comander cupola from
an old Zvezda Pz III kit (from my spare parts box)
       Adding details in the turret and hull
       I had an old conversion kit from Resicast in my closet: Wadding gear for the Backer

exhausts from Resicast
       As my conversion kit was incomplete (too old...), I had to make the risers in scratch ...
acupuncture needles and Plastruct for the risers...
      The three Girls almost ready for painting...

      Primmer Vallejo:
The girls primmed...
 ...and painted with Vallejo SCC 15

Lights and shadows with acrylics...

       A coat of Future, for prevent silvering in the decals...
Girls shining...

      I'm waiting the decals for BUSHMILLS (Inside the Armour). Not arrived yet ... I already have the markings of BACKER (Echelon) and the markings for PENELOPE, I'll do myself with my Laserjet Color.
Background in white - front view
Background in white - rear view
AoS in position...
Rear view...
Penelope growing...

Two girls ready for weathering...
After the decals for BUSHMILLS (Inside the Armour) arrived , I finally finished the threefold project: More 03 Churchills to my collection.

PENELOPE: Churchill Mk II "hybrid" (air intakes early and enveloping fenders)
Churchill  Mk II PENELOPE early reworked ( partially )
148th Regiment Armoured Corps -33rd Armoured Brigade - 3rd (mixed)  Division

Churchill  Mk II PENELOPE - right side

Churchill  Mk II PENELOPE - left side

Churchill  Mk II PENELOPE with Kojak
Churchill  Mk II PENELOPE  148th Regiment Armoured Corps
33rd Armoured Brigade - 3rd (mixed)  Division
BACKER: a reworked Mk II, with colors (Echelon Decals) and equipments of Operation Jubilee:
Churchill Mk II (reworked) BACKER  with wading gear
14th Canadian Tank Regiment -  B Squadron
Dieppe, France - Operation Jubilee, 1942

Churchill Mk II (reworked) - left side

Churchill Mk II (reworked) - right side

Churchill Mk II (with Kojak

Churchill Mk II (reworked)  BACKER
14th Canadian Tank Regiment -  B Squadron
Dieppe, France - Operation Jubilee, 1942

...and finally:
BUSHMILLS: a Mk II Close Support  reworked with field modifications: she shows two 3 inch. howitzers and a commander cupola from a Panzer III. The decals are Inside the Armour:
Churchil Mk II CS  BUSHMILLS (reworked and modified)
21th Army Tank Brigade - North Irish Horse regiment - B Squadron

Churchil Mk II CS  BUSHMILLS - left side

Churchil Mk II CS  BUSHMILLS - right side

Churchil Mk II CS  BUSHMILLS with Kojak, for size proportion
Churchil Mk II CS  BUSHMILLS (reworked and modified)
21th Army Tank Brigade - North Irish Horse regiment - B Squadron
      The 03 girls, togheter:
Churchills Mk II side by side...
Irish, British and Canadian...

     Well, there this !!! Thanks for the patience to follow!!!
See you in my next postage...