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Ford Truck V8-51 1938 - Field kitchen - case report

      Another oddball !!  Another german Ford...This time, it's a Ford v8-51 - 1938, modified to carry a german field kitchen.
Food time !!!
      As we saw in another topic about Ford -Germany, the trucks Ford v8-51 succeeded the Ford BB truck on the production line of the factory in Cologne and were manufactured from 1936 until 1939, when they were replaced by Fords G-917. The Fords v8-51 trucks were built and modified in many and various versions. 
Ford v8-51 german truck with gasogen device
Ford v8-51 with metal cabin
Ford v8-51 with open cabin
Ford v8-51 with metal double cabin
Ford v8-51 open cab leading a column of trucks in Russia
Ford v8-51 bus
Ford v8-51 in Luftwaffe use
Ford v8-51 in Wehrmacht use
Row, row, row the boat ...
Ford v8-51 tanker
      With the development of new and more potent versions, the old Fords v8-51 trucks were relegated to support functions in the rear of the front lines. Many were converted into ambulances and kitchens ...And this is the idea of ​​this project: the use of an obsolete truck as  field kitchen:
A gulaschkanone in obsolete truck, crossing a pontoon bridge
      In my research, I found this profile: pure inspiration !!!!
Opel Blitz 3 ton as fieldkitchen
       Let's rock !!!

Ford V8-51

TypeCargo truck / transport vehicle
Place of origin                 German 
Weight5.800 Kgs
Length6.000 mm
Width2,250 mm
Height2,900 mm

Gearbox4 forward + 1 reverse
Transmission4x2 (rear axle)
EngineFord V8 3.583cc Flathead 8BA - 90 HP at 3.500 rpm
semi-elliptical springs
7.25 x 20
Speed75 km/h

The kits:
     I used one resin truck of the Commando5 ( a Brazilian resin kits company) in 1/35 scale. The e-mail of Jorge Fernandez (owner of Commando5) is:  intbrig@yahoo.com.br
Commando5 resin kit
Commando5 box art
      and the feldküche Tamiya kit:
      Starting the building:
Kit resin parts
The booklet
      I started the building by the chassi:
Sanding the chassi in my sander-plate (notice the little bubbles)
The front wheels (tyres with civilian tread pattern)
Rear axle and transmission
Spare wheel
Building the cabin...

Cab interior...
Testing the alignment
again, the alignment...

The front axle...
...and the chassi with wheels.

The tie rods of reinforcing in the front suspension made with cooper wire
In place...
side view (sorry about the focus...)
Cabin in place...

Building the cargo platform...The balsa wood is to prevent bending...
All togheter !!

Front bumpers...

Side by side with Ford 1937 (Built in Romania)
But this will be another topic...
      Now, it's time to built the shelter. I used plasticard and scratch...
Drawing the side walls of the shelter.
I used Uncle Fester (Kojak's cousin) as a template size ...
Testing the height of...
The idea and the kit...
The walls in plasticard almost done...drawing the wood planks
scribbing the planks
...and carving the wood grains
The shelter with roof and details...

almost there...
Adding balsa wood poles
And the Tamiya's field kitchen kit. Notice the cook's platform
Making risers in the shelter with metal wires.
Notice the chimney made ​​with a metal tube 
Testing the chimney hole (top part)  and the front aerator
Details and details...
Ladder and stirrup made with spare parts and metal wire
   Now, it's painting time. After the primer, Panzer-gray:
Panzer gray with tonal variations...

cammo with dark-yellow stripes...

Notice the Future (gloss aspect)

Decals...Hildegard was born...door in dry-run
1st SS Leibstarndarte - Kursk - 1st Bakery Company - Hildegard truck

rear view
      Starting the weathering...

Cabin's interior...

       And the Field kitchen: the stove with potato soup in cooking...
Potato soup...

Dirty girl...

The stove in place...

      As there was a space in the cargo bed, I decided to make an auxilçiary table for the cookies, with balsa wood
Auxiliary table
Testing the place
Ok !!!
       Foods and other details of a kitchen ...
Breads and cakes
Two apples and cans
Potato, Precious !!!

The kitchen is ready...
       So, I found this pictures in my "internet's digs": The Germans (always very organized ...) built this platform to facilitate access by the soldiers to the kitchen. See below:

Notice the wood platform in the truck side...
       Voliáá  I did my platform with balsa wood and...  The lunch is ready !!!!
A little more, Sir??

Notice the spare wheel...

Ford v8-51 1938 - 1st SS Leibstandarte
1st Bakery Company - Kursk - Russian front - July, 1943
Thanks for following, Gentlemen!