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Raumpanzer "Tiger" (P) - Rammtiger - case report

Tankers !!!  Bunker mates !!!
      While I'm on vacation with my family (and away from my workbench ...) I'll post some old interesting cases... They are kits and models that I already built for some time, but unprecedented here at Bunker. So, let's go...
      Today I'll show a very unusual vehicle design that would function as a ram: the Raumpanzer "Tiger" (P)- Rammtiger. This project was very tasty (and economic) to be built ...
      Based on the experiences of Stalingrad street fighting, the German Army HQ decided to builit a short series of barricade and obstacle destroyer tanks based on VK 4501(P) chassis.
Barricade / obstacle tank destroyer concept
      Führer personally on 5 January 1943 ordered preparing three Raumpanzer "Tiger"(P) vehicles for action on Eastern Front.
The VK 4501 (P) in trials...
      This lightly armed (with ball-mounted MG 34 in the hull front, derivation from Elefant) vehicle was to be a standard VK4501(P)’s hull mounted with streamlined upper superstructure and front mounted plow (ploughshare).
       The shape of the armor also allowed for rubble to easily slide off the vehicle so that it could drive out from under a destroyed barricade or collapsed building. The armour was 50mm on the upper surfaces and 30mm thick on the frontal glacis plate, the sides and rear. Access could be achieved by the primary rear hatch, supplemented with an auxiliary upper access hatch.
Raumpanzer Porsche's design drawing
      In May of 1943, three superstructures were completed and three Raumpanzers were ready in August of 1943. Their fate is unknown after August of 1943, but it is unlikely that they saw any combat and probably remained at Nibelungenwerke. Unfortunately, no photographic evidence survived the period ...
       For some time circulated in the Web this photo below, showing a parked Raumpanzer between T-34s, after capture. But the Raumpanzer this photo is totally fake.
Fake pic: a model kit and Photoshop... and the History is retold!
      Other sources state that only 1:15 scale model was made when the entire concept was rejected and three chassis were used as previously planned.
       It is thought that the vehicle was to be operated by a basic crew of a driver and the MG operator. An interesting fact is that the concept of barricade and obstacle destroyer tanks were used later (when the German cities were being devastated by air bombing) as obstacle-clearing specialized tanks, the Ramschaufelpanzers. 
Ramschaufelpanzer Panther - Panther Ausf D dozer blade - front right view
Ramschaufelpanzer Panther - Panther Ausf D dozer blade - front left view
My Panther dozer Girl !!!
      ...and the Stug IV version dozer blade ( I'm building one of these little beauties, soon):
Ramschaufelpanzer Stug IV - Notice the data of the pic...
Ramschaufelpanzer Stug IV in action...


Raumpanzer Tiger (P)
Type                                 barricade / obstacle destroyer tank
 Place of origin                                                         Nazi Germany
Production history
Designer                     Ferdinand Porsche
Designed                     1943
Manufacturer               Porsche GmbH
Produced                    May - August 1943
Number built              3 (?)
Weight                         53.000 - 59.000 Kg
Length                         8.25 m 
Width                           3.60 m 
Height                          2.55 m 
Crew                             2 (Commander- driver , MG -radio-operator )

Armor                         50 - 30 mm (superestructure)
Main armament           
7.92 mm MG 34 machine gun
Secondary armament 
Engine                        2 x Porsche Typ 101/1 / 10-cylinder / 320hp
Suspension                 longitudinal torsion-bar
Operational range       
150 km road
90 km cross-country
Speed                          30 kilometres per hour 

The kits:
     Well...For these crazier than usual projects I have a rule: be the most economical possible. Love use scrap and spare parts...and tons of light scratch. Just for fun!!!
      For the chassi, I used an old Italeri, scrapped:
Italeri #278 Tiger-Ferdinand kit 1/35
The scrap kit...love using scraps in crazy projects ....
      For superestructure, I used the Rammtiger VK4501 Conversion for Italeri Elefant - Airmodel - #AM-553. Vacu (and cheap) stuff...
Airmodel vacu conversion kit.
My lack of patience .... I had to prove the shell
      Like any vacuumformed kit, the first thing is demarcate the limits of the cuts ...
Marking the edges....
Surgery done!!!!
The kit needs some surgery, also ...
Like a turtle...with bad attitude...
Reinforcing the front blade with plasticard ...
Pretty cool...

      As the vehicle is a paper-panzer, I decided to have a little freedom of expression: a top access hatch would be very welcome. And a shield (or deflector) for the debris that the vehicle would move, protecting the upper hatch (from Tiger I )...
Debris deflector and Tiger I hatch...

Rear details: two doors hatch, ladder, etc...
      A detail: I think a reinforcement in the front portion of the superstructure would be a logical solution engineering. And I did.
A structure to dissipate the energy of the hull to the chassis
       Well, primmer time...the color and texture of the primer help detect flaws ....

I love my Dremel Versatip to do weld markings...
       A profile as a template for markings and colors:
Dark yellow...

...and red brown for cammo

Markings...I don't like the name in the tank...

Keep distance; a good advice!!
As I didn't like the name, let's rip the thing ...
Fixed...much better !!
Starting the waethering...
A girl little a bruised by the hard work ...

       And the girl done: Raumpanzer "Tiger" (P) - Rammtiger
Raumpanzer "Tiger" (P) - right side

Raumpanzer "Tiger" (P) - left side
Raumpanzer "Tiger" (P) - rear view

Notice the absence of the MG barrel gun.
The gunner only install the gun if necessary...
The debris that the front opening swallowed
could destroy the machine gun barrel...
Notice the absence of the searchlight for the same reason...
Size comparison...Raumpanzer "Tiger"and Sherman V OP Royal Marines
      Ok, Gents...This is the typical build project that is fast and pleasurable to do. With little thing, we have a rare and unique vehicle in our collection ...
Worth it !!!

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  1. Thank you Marcos, another great project! I have put your blog into my list of "Master" on http://cecetotoy.blogspot.it/
    Thank you for any feedback.

  2. Very nice and interesting project Marcos. I've seen the Tiger raumpanzer in model only one time and the your is simply wonderful. I like this kind of turtle on tracks ;-)
    It would be also a good idea to make a Stug with dozer blade, il will be great !
    I stay tuned for your next projects my friend.

  3. @Cesare: Ciao...Congratulazioni per la tua pagina.
    Già firmato come un seguace ...Un grande abbraccio !!!

    @Alain: Hi, Alain...Indeed, another oddball...hehehehehehe
    Big hug and take care, my friend !!!

  4. Moi!
    A strange version, though quite logical type.
    German turtle, where they ideas coming
    In addition :) some Brazilian too...

  5. Hi, Maximex...something about Brazil always is good...
    The Rammtiger was a very interesting concept...Too bad none have been built or documented in action!!

    Hugs, Maximex!!!