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sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2015

Polskie Patrioci!!!    Polish patriots !!!

      My next project it's another weird vehicle...  Let's know a vehicle that was both armored car and armored personal carrier. It was the product of a desperate time, of a courageous people, who opted to fight against all odds. This is the history of  Kubuś: more than a war machine: a symbol!
Kubuś - AC/APC
original restored and painted
Notice the bullet's marks in the armour
The Kubus building will be continued after my vacations...
I'm waiting the Kubus book from Mirage Hobby.

This girl will return soon !!!

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JanuszF disse...

Great subject. I can`t wait :D Greetings from Poland

Marcos Serra disse...

Hi, Janusz...I'm waiting the book from Mirage hobby..soon!!

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