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terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2016

Our mascot von Serra in scratch - And now for something completely different!!!

      A week ago I received an email from a colleague modeler Ivan Alentijev who reports that a time ago, he stumbled in our mascot on the internet and really liked our adorable Hauptmann design.

      And how modelers love to transform ideas into real objects, he scratch our mascot in wood, paper and sculpey, turning von Serra into something tangible!
      Know the work of Ivan Alentijev, our colleague from Serbia, who kindly provided the photos and authorization for publication in our Bunker.
Parts of von Serra made of wood (helmet), paper (body)
and boiled paper with flower instead of Sculpey (coat)... 
...and last but not least, shoes, hands, trousers, and little details
are all made from some sort of Sculpay.
Body and coat...
The mascot is growing...
Panzerarmee (pink edging) and belt...
      And the mascot done:

A little taciturn, but adorable ...
      Well done, Ivan Alentijev...I and my daughter (von Serra designer) loved your awesome work. Thanks for sharing your creation!!!

8 comentários:

Unknown disse...

Muito bom! E vamos nos superando ;)

Panzerserra disse...

@Unknown: É isso ai... o trabalho do Ivan ficou ótimo!!!

Piotr Frąckowiak disse...

Wow, this looks amazing :)

Anibal Invictus disse...

Really cute! Love it

Cego Metal disse...

Great job from Ivan. Great art from your daughter. Is a great mascot for all, Panzerserra work. :)

Cego Metal disse...

I update mine blog Panzer. Time to start a blog. lol. :D :D I buy the book. Kisetsu - Primavera (Spring). Time to some good reading.

maximex disse...

Briljant idea.
Nice job and good colors.
Even in the face (eyes) expression is the same.
I fell in love this character as soon as I saw it for the first time
when it was drawing character
Now, is it already a concrete figure...

Panzerserra disse...

Thanks, my friend !!!

Indeed, the von Serra is adorable!!!

Obrigado, Metaleiro...obrigado duplo !!! vc vai gostar do livro!!!

Indeed, the Ivan's work is fantastic!!! hugs, my old friend!!!

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