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Renault R-35 with T26 conical turret - Panzerkampfwagen 35R 731(f) mit T-26 turm - case report

       You guys know that I love the building of rare vehicles, but real ...Strolling through the internet, last year I found this photo on the Axis History Forum and Bingo ... Here I come! ...
      A Renault R-35 french light tank, with a conical turret T-26 russian tank, with german markings... Panzerkampfwagen 35R 731(f) mit T-26 turm... Wow!!!
Renault R-35 with T-26 turret
       To me, the photo was real, but then Photoshop exist, we no longer sure of anything. I asked in Missing Lynx what the colleagues thought about the image and the consensus was that the photo depicted a real vehicle, as was my opinion from the beginning. Well, this was the starting point for the collection kits to reproduce this project.
French light tank Renault R-35 
Russian light tank T26 
      The use of captured material was very common by the Germans, especially for secondary duties, such as tractors, ammo carriers, observation or airfields guarding... The Germans had and used many tanks R35 under combat conditions, after the surrender of France. It was  reliable and robust, with good supply of spare parts. ... Many vehicles R-35 were transformed  in destroyers, with a Czech 47mm gun , the Panzerjager 35R 731(f).
Renaults captureds in good conditions
Panzerjager 35R 731(f)- with Czech gun 47mm Pak(t) L/43.4
      In my interpretation, the Germans picked up a R-35 version tractor or ammo carrier (Munitionspanzer 35R 731 (f)) with no turret and put a T-26 turret in it for crew protection, using the tank as an armored observation vehicle.
Munitionspanzer 35R 731(f)

Munitionspanzer 35R 731(f) - russian front
       After this introduction, we will start the project. First, I "cleaned" the picture for best viewing:
Cleaned picture
       A drawing in three views is always important:

      After presenting the project, let the protagonists: I'll use an old Heller kit for the hull of the R-35 and a Mirage kit  of T26-C.
Kit Renault R35 Heller and T26 Mirage
        The Heller kit is good and honest, but the injection of Mirage's kit is a shame ... Look at the injection fault in the breech of the 45mm gun: awful!! ... I'll replace it with a metal gun from RB Models.
The RB Models metal gun. The arrow mark the cut location. 

       After the metal gun surgery, the T26 turret is taking shape..
T-26 conical turret

      I made an adjustment to allow for the rotation of the turret on the hull. In my opinion, in the original tank the turret should be welded ... Its function should not be firing, but just a "cover" to protect the inside of the hull exposed. The advantage of being mobile turret in the kit is to prevent fracture of the gun, when handling the model ...
Rotation device
Testing the turret in the upper-hull. Ok !!!
Turret in the upper-hull. 
The building continues...Suspension and turret:
Renault R-35 hull with suspensions
Turret with details...
         I change the front axle (plastic) by a metal one:
Using metal wire for the front axle...
Front axle ready for the drive sprockets
       Making the tracks sagging:
using wood sticks to force the track sagging

       Done !!!
The weight aspect of the tracks
The Girl is looking good...
        Almost done. Primer time:
I try to reproduce the real pic. No spare wheel in the rear....

No tools and accessories, like the real pic.
Now, it´s primer time. The hull:
Hull with primer
...And the turret:
Turret with primer
       Ups and downs imn the basic color: Panzer-Gray...The gloss aspect is the Future
Ups and Downs 
        German markings...No silvering (thanks, Future...)

renault R-35 with german colors...
           Wash :

Almost ready...
 In the last post of this blog, this captured girl  was ready to receive the final weathering...
R35 ready for weathering...
       Well, after publishing the building in Missing-Lynx, our colleague Zisis Tsagarakis ( Thanks, Zisis...) drew my attention to a small BIG detail: the turret that I used was wrong. The mantlet was from another model, like in the plant I drew ...
Notice the differences between the kit and the mantlet in the photo and drawing
             Putz ... Here's a detail that could not be left behind ... How I don't have this version of turret, the way was do a surgery:
Plastic surgery.....
Remaking the base of mantlet....
Plasticard time !!!
And the turret almost ready, after plastic surgery...
And the turret was corrected:
Again, ready for painting...
     And, finnaly (after the scare...), the French-Russian-German girl was done:
Renault R-35 with conical T-26 turret
Panzerkampfwagen 35R 731(f) mit T-26 turm
Renault R-35 with conical T-26 turret - right side
Renault R-35 with conical T-26 turret - left side
Renault R35 mit T26C-1939 turm - Beobachtung Tank 
Panzerkampfwagen 35R 731(f) mit T-26 turm

       Well, Gents ...
       Another project based on actual photo was ready ... It is very nice to have a unique model in our collection, even more when he receives help from colleagues around the world.  Cheers !!

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  1. Serra vendo o seu lindo trabalho queria saber uma coisa - vendo a cirurgia da torre quem quiser fazer este modelo - tem alguma torre que seja nesta versão de mantled sem precisar fazer a cirurgia?

  2. Oi JG!!! Obrigado...Rapaz...hoje em dia com tanto material em resina, acho que deve existir, sim, esta torre pronta. Eu, se não me engano, já vi por ai. Seria o caso de pesquisar no Google. Quase certeza que era da Hussar!!