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M3A1 Lee CDL - T10 Leaflet - case report

      Let's know the M3A1 Lee - T10 Leaflet CDL:
M3A1 Lee - T10 Leaflet CDL
    Everyone knows the British Grant CDL, one of the Hobbart's Funnies from 79th Armoured Division:
Grant CDL
      But his American brother is a little less known. The British version used the chassis of M3 Grant. The American version used the chassis of the M3A1 Lee with cast hull.
M3A1 Lee - early
      The M3A1 Lee cast hull were only used in training by the United States and the only version of this hull that saw combat was just the version CDL. Similar to the English version, the turret with 37mm gun was removed and was installed a turret with a searchlight inside, keeping the 75mm gun on the hull, maintaining the main offensive capacity. In the American version, it used the hull M3A1 early and late, with heavy-duty suspension, like the M4 and the aft hatch of the hull with opening back, characteristic of the final versions of Lee hull cast. The hatch of side of the hull could be present or not.
T10 Leaflet - M3A1 Lee early (notice the side hull hatch in place)
        The American turret CDL was different in small details regarding to the British, such as replacement of the Besa machinegun by a .30 Browning, as well as the use of Americans periscopes.
T10 CDL - turret close-up
T10 CDL of 736th Tank Battalion
in Dragon Wagon
M3A1 T10 Leaflet CDL in Germany, 1945.
Notice the turret disguised with canvas and halftrack track.
T10 Leaflet on Dragon Wagon - Germany - 1945
      The Americans M3 Lee CDL were called Leaflet Tractor T10, in an attempt to disguise their true mission. All CDL tanks program was surrounded by much secrecy. The secret was so much that detracted from its use by the allied forces.
   The men who manned the tanks T10 CDL called their tanks as Gizmo Tank. Served in Medium Tank Battalions 701, 736, 738, 739, 740 and 748. In 1945 were used for illumination and distraction duties during the crossing of the Rhine.

 M3A1 CDL - T10 Leaflet tractor
Medium tank - CDL version
Place of origin      United States
Service history
WarsWorld War II
Production history
August 1941–December 1942
Number built                                                        
300 (M3A1 tank version)
27 t
5.64 m
2.72 m
3.12 m

up to 51 mm Steel
Main armament
Arc Light Weapon - Carbon Arc Spotlight  - 13.000.000 candles

Secondary armament
75 mm Gun M2/M3 in hull
46 rounds
 .30-06 Browning in turret
M1919A4 machine gun
1,200 rounds
Wright (Continental) R975 EC2
400 hp (300 kW)/340 hp (250 kW)
Synchromesh, 5 speeds forward, 1 reverse
vertical volute spring
Ground clearance
0.46 m
Fuel capacity
662 liters
Operational range
193 km
42 km/h (road)
26 km/h (off-road)
Steering system
Controlled differential

The kit:
      To the building of this kit, I'll use the excellent M3A1cast hull from Formations, which acquired with a colleague. The hull will be transformed in the late version, like the profile above, with the removal of the side hatches of the hull and the inversion of the roof hatch. The Formations hull is the early version.

 M3A1 Lee Formations hull - early - notice the side hull hatch
Roof hull hatch - Formations old manual indicated the hatch in late position in an early hull.
     The material manufactured by Formations is simply fantastic. For removing the side hatch of the hull, I sanded the region and the late version was ready.
     Notice the capped holes in the front hull for machine guns, that no had in late version. The hinges of the roof hatch are still there, in this photo ... but have been removed and rebuilt in its new position
Modified hull -  no side hatch - the hinges of the roof hatch will be modified...
      Although Formations recommend for this conversion kit  the Lee/Grant from Academy, I will use as "host" kit the old Tamiya Lee. I will use several parts for the project. The heavy duty suspension will be a scrap of an Italeri Sherman that I have in my"Bowl of Souls" ...
Lee Tamiya - the blue arrows point to parts I'll use
      The "Frankenleestein" is growing...
The Formations hull in the Tamiya's chassi. Notice the CDL turret with .30 browning by RB Models

M3A1 left side . No hull hatc - late version. Notice the Italeri HD bogies
      The kit with the first primer layer. Notice the "armour collar" that I did in the hull, to protect the joint hull-turret. This collar is typical of late versions ...
T10 cowith primer - The cargo chests are Tamiya
The gun armour was done with foilo from beer can...

T10 right side - Pistol port by Tamiya and HD bogie from Italeri (M4A1)
Tasca tracks (vinyl)
T1- rear view- notice the roof hatch, late characteristic
       I added ceiling fans and periscopes in the top of the hull. These parts was molded from a M4 Sherman hull and reproduced with dental acrylic.
T10 under construction - Notice the Shermie CDL in background (gloss green)

       The amazing Archer casting marks I always use after the primer.
Archer casting marks - very good option- setting with Future...
Casting marks in the rear's turret and hatch.
     Kit painted with Olive Drab, with tonal variations of this color. The Shermie is next, for size comparison. The glowing effect is the result of applying Future to avoid silvering on decals
CDL american tanks - oddballs
      TheLeaflet is already looking like a tank ...
T10 - left side

T10 - right side
      Decals applied. "Lightning" seemed like a good name for a "illuminator tank ".
T10 Lightning - an appropriate name...
T10 - almost ready...
         And side by side with his British brother, by St. George!!
T10 Leaflet and M3 Grant CDL
Same origin...
 And the build this CDL beast is over...
      The Formations hull is very, very good !!! The final pics:
T10 Leaflet tractor - M3A1 CDL Night-fighter tank - Germany, 1945.

T10 Leaflet tractor - M3A1 CDL - left side

T10 Leaflet tractor - M3A1 CDL - rear view

T10 Leaflet tractor - M3A1 CDL - right side

T10 Leaflet tractor - M3A1 CDL

M3A1 periscopes
M3A1  T10 Leaflet with Shermie CDL E tank

I hope you enjoyed it ... and up to the next project!!

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