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Brückenleger IV b - Trumpeter -1/35 - case report

New year, new project...

      This engineering vehicle is closed in my closet a long, long time...Brückenleger IV b
First of all, the real beast:
font: Internet - discussion only

font: Internet - discussion only - "Herla"
And the Trumpeter´s kit:
Trumpeter´s box
Trumpeter´s kit
Starting the model: wheels !!!
cleaning of barbs (a lot...) from the wheels ...

The kit provides tracks in plastic and LBL...As the plastic tracks are very good (and I don´t want heat my head with LBL ...) I´ll go by the shortest (and cool ...) path ...Hobby is fun !!!!
Chassi with plastic tracks...Good stuff...
And since I took my lazy side for this project ( and this year...), I´ll use the (fine...) fenders in styrene ....The PE fenders It's just madness. I took an entire morning of work to set it up here:
Fender in metal ? No, thanks !!!!
I'm not a rivet-counter ... I'm 52 years old and my closet is full of kits box...I like details, but certain purisms not really worth it ....Simple like that !!!
Chassi with fenders...the easy way...
      After leaving aside that pile of metal (and feel much better about it ...), I built the bridge and the rest of the hull ...
Bridge - frontal part
Hull and bridge...almost done...
Front view - notice the RB Models machine gun...another good stuff...
 Rear view and bridge´s device ...
More pictures...the Brückenleger is growing...
suspension arms of the bridge
bridge in travel position

notice the aerial

And Panzer-Gray:

Decals ...

Next, weathering....!
Finally, I finished this project:
Notice the Kojak, my typical figure, for comparation...
Left side
The beast is huge !!!!
Frontal view

Right side

Rear view

Kojak  with   Brückenleger IV b 
Thanks , Gents 

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