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VK3001(H) - PzKpfw VI Ausf A (or B) - case report

New month, a new project ...

Today, I started this Panzer , the VK3001 (H) Ausf A.

       In 1939, two similar tank designs were created, the lighter (32 tons) VK3001(H) and later on heavier (40 tons) VK3601(H). Both resembled Panzerkampfwagen IV in their hull design but their running gear was of a new design (Similar to the suspension of the future Tigers) that consisted of overlapping road wheels. A feature of these vehicles was that Medium VK3001(H) tank and Heavy VK3601(H) tank had many common parts what would make their production and service, more effective in terms of logistics.

Four VK3001(H) prototypes were produced. Two in March of 1941 and other two in October of 1941. All were completed in 1942 by Henschel. Originally, it was intended to mount VK3001(H) with a turret armed with 75mm L/24 gun or 105mm L/28 gunm but none of the prototypes were actually fitted with turrets.

Both designs were completed as prototypes but their further development was cancelled (1942) in favour of the development of Tiger VK4501(H).

VK4501 Henschel Protoype - Future Tiger I

The turrets produced for both designs were never installed in the hulls and instead in 1944, 6 VK3001(H) turrets were used in fortifications of the Atlantic and West Wall.
VK3001(H) turret armed with 7,5cm L/24 gun in Omaha Beach fortification 

In March of 1941, two VK3001(H) were ready and from August of 1941 to March of 1942, were converted into 128mm Pak 40 L/61 gun carriers, the "Sturer Emils".

Sturer Emil destroyer 

      Other two prototypes that were completed in October of 1941, remained in Henschel's factory in Haustenbek and were used as recovery, training and test vehicles. VK3601(H) prototypes also used as recovery and towing vehicles.

      My idea is build one ( a fictitious VK3001 (H) Ausf B...) of those two last completed vehicles, as test bed of more powerful gun in his turret than the L/24 7,5cm gun. A powerful and stylish vehicle like this deserves a more potent weapon in his turret: the 7,5cm KwK 40 - L/43 gun.
VK3001 (H) Ausf B with 7,5cm KwK 40 L/43 gun

The kit:
      This is the kit: Trumpeter!!!
Trumpeter´s VK3001(H) Ausf A box art
The parts and instructions...

And beginning the fun....
Suspension wheels in place... 
Vinyl tracks...not bad...
Some advances...
      The alignment of the most aggressive 43 caliber gun. The use of strips of plasticard ensure that the muzzle-brake is horizontal ... The gun is from my spare box...
Notice the horizontal alignment

With long fang, the beast is more impressive...

Spare wheel in hand...

Metal time !!!

Using the mini-lathe for make the MG hull...

The MG´s in place...Notice the rectangular barrel of the hull´s mg...

Done for primming !!!

Primmed and painted with Panzer-Gray
 The idea of the use of 7,5cm KwK 40 - L/43 gun is that a barrel used by Henschel was a reserve their workshops. So, I made a point of using a barrel with the colors of the end of the war, ie, DY camouflaged with green and red-brown.
Henschel´s spare barrel gun...75mm with 43 caliber from PanzerIV Ausf G

Fang with cammo...
 I applied the decals, with Future. Notice the last of the VK´s: the number four !!!
Red Four !!!

Rear of the VK3001(H) - Ausf B
This is what I call "quick-project"...

The VK3001(H) Ausf "B" is done!
Red-Four - right side

Left side
Kojak in the rear deck

Notice the spare wheel...
A big beast...

Bigger than Panzer IV Ausf F
All the best, Gents and the week-end is coming !!!!

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