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domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2012

GMC (CCKW 353) with Bofors 40mm AA gun - HobbyBoss -1/35 part 01

I bought this kit at the end of last year and when the box arrived in my home, my belly-worms simply stirred up. I love trucks and this model caught my attention as something different from the old Italeri and Heller CCKW kits.
         In short, I could not resist the call of the truck and I began to build, just as see my bench vacated and clean.
With you, the CCKW 353 of 2 and 1/2 tons, with a 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun in the back. This arrangement fought in Europe at the end of WWII, in the hands of the Free French.

Box art

The real truck:
CCKW 353 - 2 1/2 ton with AA Bofors 40mm gun in French hands

Notice the ammo box in the truck´s side

Bofors 40mm AA gun

France, 1946 - 1 year after end of war.

The kit parts
Box content

Instruction booklet (very good)

decal sheet

Rope, decal and photo-etched (very good, indeed...)

Starting the building...One interesting thing: the pieces are stuck in trees according to the sequence number. It may seem silly, but very helpful in quickly mounting. Prevents us to be wasting time looking for a part in the tree at random way. I loved the HobbyBoss solution.
The engine...very well detailled..
The chassi parts  are very well injected. No bendings!
The engine in the chassi
 Using the photo-etched parts:
Rear bumpers in metal
 Dry-run with the wheels (injected, no vinyl...and polycaps...) to perfect alignement...

 Dry-run with wheels to alignement...

This is it, until now !!!

Tchau, Pessoal !!!

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