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Ford 1941 Panel Van - case report

        Yesterday, I resumed an old project that was waiting on my workbench for a long time. It all started with this photo:
Ford Panel Van 1940-41 - Kriegsmarine
         My colleague Fabio asked me if I could make a model "master" for his small Company of manufactured resin kits. His idea was to make a van that could be used as an ambulance, radiocar, courier, etc...
        Some specs:
Ford 1940-41 Panel Van

       and some examples of possible markings on Ford:

 I started the job with this:
Making the body...resin and plastic - left side
Front view
right side
        After Fabio cast the hull and the parts, I started the building:
The Ford "hull" before cleaning, with burrs and excesses of the casting process
left side
front view
rear view
Ford after cleanig
right side
rear view
        After cleaning the burrs on the chassis, I glued with CA glue the seats in the floor of the chassis. The plasticards are to close the gaps between the hull and chassi.
Chassi with seats and scratch
rear view
         I made (with plasticard...) a screen in the mid of the Ford van, separating the driver from the cargo area.
The screen with a circular porthole. Notice the instruments panel
Painting the driver area. I reinforced the steering column with coope wire
The seats ´painted
Making the gearshift and handbrake with pins
Closing the gaps with dental acrilic
The body is closed
The van´s wheels...
With wheels (military pattern)

The van´s belly. Notice the the propshaft and exhaust

I have not forgotten the two Rolls. Here is a size comparison photo
Some advances...
Cutting the details in the spare wheel  area

Surgery study...

Ready for paint...

Panzer Gray !!!

        Now, it's time to choose the marks...I'm seriously considering doing this here:

Ford Ambulance of German Red Cross
      Well Lads, the Ford van is growing and growing...I decided to make my van with the markings of the German Red Cross.

Ford from German Red Cross, in WWII era
          Painting the roof of the Ford in white:
Masking with toilette paper

White roof...

       Today, I did the markings of Van, using transparent and white decals, in my Laserjet Color. These are the results:

Decals, ready for action...
Ford Van, from Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
The glossy aspect is due to the varnish, to prevent silvering...

After a layer of Future (to seal the decals), starting the chipping...
      Well, Gents. I finished this beauty. Like all resin kit, the work was harder, but the results (I think) were compensatory.
Ford 1940-41 Panel Van - German Red Cross Ambulance
        The kit is very pleasant to build. How is a handcrafted kit, requires greater care with the details, but the possibility of having this unique model in our collection, is worthwhile ...
Ford 1940-41 Panel Van - left side

Ford 1940-41 Panel Van - right side

Ford 1940-41 Panel Van - with Kojak, for size comparison

Ford 1940-41 Panel Van - Ambulance
        I would like to thank Fabio Melo by the kit. If someone was interested in purchasing the kit, you can write directly to it:

All the best and thanks !!!

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  1. Great little lorry. You say it is a Master for a kit. Will I be able to buy one in the future - and from where? I've been following your blog for some time. I especially like your lorry builds. Not seen too much other sites.

    You might check my humble blog on

    Looking forward to more intersting models from you.

    Best regards

    Claus, Copenhagen

  2. Hi, Claus...
    Thanks for the compliments...

    Yes..The Ford van will be sold. Please, contact Fabio in:

    All the best and your blog is amazing...