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Value Gear Details - Spare parts, tents, crates and rollbeds - 1/35 scale - REVIEW

      The internet is an interesting thing. Lets find amazing things and people that otherwise would never be possible. This happened to me last month.
        I found the Value Gear of Ireland ( http://www.valuegeardetails.com ), and ordered a few sets of bags, tents and crates to equip my 1/35 scale vehicles.

     I'm a bit exaggerated and just ordered a good supply of sets, because my vehicles are getting ready without these details.
      I was immediately attended to by the owner, Steve, a straight and very nice fellow . I paid my order by Paypal, which I greatly facilitated things. In the next day, I received a new email saying that things were in the way, with track number and all that.
     After the usual delay of mail, I received my order in the middle of last week and write here my first impressions. After opening the package, I found several bags with cardboard tags, identifying each of the sets.
Value Gear stuff...
      Each set comes in a zippered plastic bag with a cardboard label and a small banner with the photo and description of the parts of the parts of each set with suggested paint and finish.
Value Gear set
        Inside the plastic bags, I found 16 sets of tents, bags, blankets, all very well cast in resin, with total absence of bubbles and burrs. The pieces could be immediately ready for paint,  without having to use hobby knife or sandpaper. Amazing....
The resin pieces of Set 1 from Value Gear - 16 parts; Notice the banner with colors suggestion
Value Gear - Set number 1
Value Gear photo - set 1
      The back of the pieces are flat and the height does not require sanding or cutting. The pieces come ready!!
Value Gear stuff: front and rear
Close-up of a tent, with poles and straps, all finely carved.
Same set, another things...
Different stuff of the same set
        And the coolest thing is that no two pieces are alike on set. All pieces are individual to each other.  I was checking in the other seven sets I bought and I don´t found one piece that was repeated in other packages.
        For the price of the set ( 9 Euros ), with 16 pieces, each part costs 56 cents of Euro. A real bargain !!!
        I tested the pieces in a Sherman "unloaded" from my collection. Below are some examples of load on the Shermie´s rear deck:

      In the front glacis is possible to use the VG stuff, too:

       Some examples in a Skink AA tank:

Skink AA tank with Value Gear cargo in the rear deck
       The trucks and armored cars can use the sets, too:

Value Gear stuff in Studer US6 snow-plow - notice the cargo bed, the fender and roof 

Brazilian M8 Greyhound

        To conform the pieces in a little curved surfaces, we dip the piece of resin in hot water (be careful not to hurt yourself) and adapt its base to the surface curvature.
      But I didn´t buy only "soft" parts. I also bought two sets of crates and they are also very good. See:
Value Gear Crates set number 1

22 pieces for 9 euros...
The crates in natura...
...and VG colors suggestion


front and back from the crates...

no bubbles and flashes...

Shermie with crates...rear deck
Shermie with crates...front glacis
        The quality of the material and the price really surprised me positively, but the best was the variety of pieces.

        I recommend it without no reservation. I just loved and will acquire new releases, no doubt.
        Congratulations to Steve and the Value Gear by the initiative in manufacturing kits of such good quality and diversification.

        As Mr. Spock would say: That the Value Gear (and Steve) have a long life and prosper!!

I would like to thank my credit card.

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