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GAZ-AAA truck BZ-38/3 fuel tank - case report

      Another weekend coming up and my workbench is empty ....What a shame!!!  But is briefly ... Gave me a desire to build a resin kit and I remembered a promotion of a dual purchase, of Jadar, where I bought these two cuteness:

 So, let´s go...First of all, the real thing...
GAZ-AAA model 1937
       GAZ-AAA truck was the triaxial variation of GAZ-AA (truck based in the American truck Ford-Timken).
GAZ-AA truck
       During the serial production (from 1934 to1943) were produced 37.373 trucks and during WWII 9.724 trucks left the production lines. The GAZ AAA became a favorite of the Russian Army as a general cargo transport and was used in a wide variety of configurations. The AAA shared nearly identical cab and engine configurations with the A and AA but could easily handle 2.000 Kg of cargo on rough terrain or 2.500 Kg on roads.
GAZ -AAA- A robust and sturdy truck...
         GAZ-AAA trucks were used for transportation of goods, staff and for towage of artillery systems, besides being adapted to carry various weapons in their chassis. During pre-war period, variations of GAZ-AAA trucks has been produced, like as self-propelled artillery, named SU-1-12. This armed truck carried   a 76mm howitzer, as fire support for infantry. During WWII, antiaircraft emplacements with four machine guns Maxim (4M), antiaircraft emplacements with heavy machine gun DShK,  Bofors 25mm and 37mm automatic air defense guns were also built in GAZ-AAA chassi. 
GaAZ-AAA with 25mm Bofors AA gun
GAZ- AAA with 76mm howitzer
GAZ-AAA with AA machine-gun system
quadrupled "Maxim" 7.62 mm MG
GAZ-AAA with Heavy MG DShK 12,7mm
        In 1938 GAZ-AAA was updated with new 50 horsepower engine, the central clasp brake on a shaft of auxiliary gear box and the spare wheels were moved to front fenders. In 1940, a new kind of rear towing device was settled.
GAZ-AAA model 1940 in German hands
Notice the spare wheels in the front fenders
GAZ-AAA 1940 in the mud....
        Other different special trucks were produced on base of GAZ-AAA chassis such as radio station RSB-F, movable repair shops PARM and PM type A, fuel tanks BZ-38 and BZ-38U, water-oil-bowsers BMZ-38, ground starters AS-2 etc.
GAZ-AAA radio truck type RSB-F
GAZ-AAA fuel tanks BZ-38 refueling a biplane bomber
Gaz AAA fuel tanks BZ-38 fueling fighters
        Also armoured vehicles BA-6 and BA-10 were produced on base of GAZ-AAA chassis.
BA-6 armoured cars - when the Germans were
not yet enemies of the Russians.
BA-10 armoured car

        In late 1941, the model has got simplified fenders, cabin with canvas doors and only one headlight. Bumpers was only on pre-1942 trucks. Later, in 1943, cabs had wooden doors.
Gaz AAA- 1941 - no doors

Gaz AAA- 1943 - wooden doors

GAZ-AAA type BZ-38/3 Fuel tank 
TypeFuel tanker truck,  6x4 2 ton.
Place of origin            Soviet Union
Weight2.475 Kg
Length5.535 mm
2,040 mm
1.970 mm

EngineGAZ  50hp/2800rpm,
4-cyl. SV, 3285cc
Road clearance

wheels, 4x6
230 mm
3200 mm,
940mm between rear axles

(4 speed + 1 back) x 2-speed auxilliary box
Fuel tank (truck)         
Fuel consumption
Bz 38/3
fuel tank
65 Km/h
6.50 x 20
60 +40 l
(40 ls in the firewall's tank)
4 Km/liter

1.350 ls

Gaz AAA cargo truck
Gaz AAA fuel tank Bz 38/3
The kit:
        The kits are from Zvezda and ARMO:
The players...Zvezda and ARMO
         The Zvezda kit of Gaz truck is very crude and basic, but honest. Now, the ARMO resin conversion kit is a real gem. Excellent casting, no bubbles or defects ... A beauty!!
        Starting the saga....Building the front chassi, by the ARMO instruction sheet: All parts fit perfectly ...The images speak for themselves ...
Front chassi: resin part (light gray) and Zvezda part (in green)
building the engine...
Dry-run with the cabin...
Tank test...
Painting the cabin interior. Russian green...
        The building of the rear axles are very simple. Beware and attention to perfect alignment...
The truck in the wood block - a very good tip for alignment...
almost ready for paint...
Yesterday, I gave a good advanced in the job ... I got resin tires to replace the "original" vinyl tires. The problem with vinyl tires is that they can "melt" over time. They are produced by Electric Products. Very good!!
Resin tires for GAZ-AAA
          The resin tires need a little adjustment to fit in the wheels. I discovered that the Dremel tool grinding has the diameter perfect for this.
Increasing the internal diameter of the tires. Dremel tool
         While the wheels dry, I painted the cab and the fuel tank with Russian Green, using lighter and darker shades of the color base...
GAZ-AAAcabin with Russian Green. The chassi is in black...

The fuel tank painted and with Future
Resin tires painted in rubber-black
         The ARMO kit has no decals. But it comes with metal stencils (very, very good!) , for the markings on Russian: FLAMMABLE (огнеопасно).
The FLAMMABLE stencil in place...
Masking with tape...
         In the cabin, I applied the Zvezda decals:
Cabin with decal...
The fuel tank and the wheels almost ready...
        I "lifted" the fuel tank in 1.5 mm with the aid of plasticard strips on the chassi top. The end result was much better.
The truck with wheels...
  Gents,,,I finished this fuel tanker in this weekend.  These are the pics:
The fuel tank and spare wheels in position...
GAZ-AAA - right side
GAZ-AAA - rear view
GAZ-AAA - front view
       A piece of casting that failed were the fire extinguishers. I decided to make two new in my mini-lathe. I used scraps of sprue and a few more details ...
New fire extinguishers
New fire extinguishers in position...
         And the girl was ready. Do not exaggerate in weathering, did something simpler ....
 GAZ-AAA truck with BZ-38/3 fuel tank  
GAZ-AAA truck with BZ-38/3 fuel tank  - left front view
GAZ-AAA truck with BZ-38/3 fuel tank  - right front view
GAZ-AAA truck with BZ-38/3 fuel tank  - right view
GAZ-AAA truck with BZ-38/3 fuel tank  - right rear view
GAZ-AAA truck with BZ-38/3 fuel tank  - left rear view
GAZ-AAA truck with BZ-38/3 fuel tank  - left view

GAZ-AAA truck with BZ-38/3 fuel tank  - with Kojak, for size measurements...

GAZ-AAA truck with BZ-38/3 fuel tank 
        Thanks for follow, Lads !!!


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