WORKSHOP with JULIO CABOS - AMAZING !!!! May, 25-26 2013

    MODELERS !!! 

      On May, 25 and 26, 2013 there will be a Practical Course of Painting Figures Technics with the great Spanish Master Julio Cabos.
Julio Cabos, a trully artist !!!
      The workshop will be held in Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul state, with 25 participants. The students will dive into the fantastic techniques of this great artist. The event is responsibility of our fellow modeler Fabricio Fay.
Juliko Cabos in action...
Julio Cabo's figure
Julio Cabo's book - Andrea Press
And I'll be there, please the Gods!

Let's see if I can improve my painting figures techniques ...If I can't, I guarantee you it won't be the teacher's fault, but this bad student's !!!
Julio's figure
Julio's pinup
      Keep you guys informed ...

      And if someone wants to join us, there is still a last open slot in the event!!


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  1. Muito bom, uma pena ser tão longe de São Paulo...

  2. Eitcha, Ronaldo...Longe estou eu....No centrão do pais...

    Um abração e obrigado pela visita !!!!