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Neubaufahrzeug (Krupp) - case report

      Another post from a rare vehicle... This time is a building of 2009. The tank is a resin kit by Plus Models, the odd Neubaufahrzeug (NbFz), a German  multi-turreted land cruiser.
A very huge Girl !!!
Neubaufahrzeug (Krupp) in Norway - April,1940
Neubaufahrzeug (Krupp) in Norway -1940
Neubaufahrzeuge (Krupp) tank,Putloss proving ground, 1935-1936
      The German Neubaufahrzeug series of tank prototypes were a first attempt to create a heavy tank for the Wehrmacht after Adolf Hitler had come to power. Multi-turreted, heavy and slow, they did not fit in with the Blitzkrieg tactics and therefore only five were made. These were primarily used for propaganda purposes, though three took part in the Battle of Norway in 1940.
      During the 1920s and 1930s, a number of countries experimented with very large, multi-turreted tanks. The British built a single example of theVickers A1E1 Independent in 1926. This inspired the Soviet T-35, which was built in limited numbers from 1933.
British Vickers A1E1 Independent
Soviet T-35 heavy tank
      Development of the Neubaufahrzeug (German for "new construction vehicle") started in 1933 when the then Reichswehr gave a contract for the development of a Großtraktor ("heavy tractor") to both Rheinmetall and Krupp. Großtraktor was a codename for the development of a heavy tank, Germany being still forbidden to develop tanks under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles.
      The two designs resembled each other to a great extent, the main difference being the weapons placement.
      Each had a main turret armed with a 75 mm KwK L/24 main gun and secondary 37 mm KwK L/45. Rheinmetall's design mounted the second gun above the 75 mm KwK L/24.
Neubaufahrzeuge (Rheinmetall) turret - Notice the 37mm above 75mm
      The Krupp design had it mounted next to the 75 mm KwK L/24.
Neubaufahrzeuge (Krupp) turret - Notice the 37mm aside 75mm
    Both designs had a secondary turret mounted to the front and the rear of the main turret. These turrets were slightly adapted Panzer I turrets, with the standard machine gun armament. Rheinmetall's design was designated PzKpfw NbFz V (PanzerKampfwagen NeubauFahrzeug V), and the Krupp design PzKpfw NbFz VI. It was intended that these designs would fulfill the role of heavy tank in the armored forces, but the design proved to be too complex and unreliable for this role. nevertheless, development continued in order for the nascent German military to gain experience with multi-turreted tanks.
        In 1934 Rheinmetall built two mild steel prototypes, both with their own turret design. Three more prototypes were built with proper armor and the Krupp turret in 1935 and 1936. These five vehicles were the only examples built
Combat history:
      Though these tanks were never placed in production, they provided a propaganda tool for Nazi Germany, for example being shown at the International Automobile Exposition in Berlin in 1939. This propaganda role was extended with the German invasion of Norway, when a special Panzerabteilung was formed which took the three Krupp armored prototypes with them to Oslo. They saw some combat there, with one being blown up by German engineers when it got stuck in swamps near Åndalsnes. To replace it, one of the mild steel Rheinmetall prototype was used.
      It is unclear what happened to the tanks after the Norway campaign, but none of them survived the war. The surviving vehicles were ordered scrapped in 1941, which took place in 1942 according to documents captured by the British in 1945. The dates upon which the vehicles were scrapped are unclear, but it is thought that the beginning of the construction of the Sturer Emil prototypes dates from the same time.
      All that survives of these tanks is a small number of running gear parts, preserved in the Gudbrandsdal Krigsminnesamling (Gudbrandsdal War Memorial collection), at Kvam in Norway.

George Bradford drawing

Neubaufahrzeug (Krupp)

             Type                                                 Tank
Place of originNazi Germany
Production history
Number built5 (2 with Rheinmetall turret and 3 with Krupp turret)
Weight23.41 tonnes 
Length6.6 m 
Width2.19 m 
Height2.98 m 

75 mm KwK L/24
or 105mm howitzer
37 mm KwK L/45
2x 7.92 mm MG 13/34
Engine290 hp BMW Va or
300 hp Maybach HL 108 TR
road: 120 km
Speedroad: 25 km/h
The kit:
      The ARMO resin kit is simply superb...The consistency and resin casting is fantastic. A kit is a gem for the modeler with excellent metal parts.
ARMO Resin kit 35026 box - amazing kit...
Contents of the kit box
Photo-etched parts - very good !!!
       The only sin is not come with decals. But this was solved with this great sheet of decals from Bison:
Bison decal - 35073
      The resin kits are interesting ... When we look at the pieces for the first time, the thing is really scary ...
What a mess !!!!!
      But you just go methodically cleaning up the pieces and carefully separating the parts, that the building becomes a real pleasure. I love (good) resin kits!!
Cleaning ... and organizing ... 
Cleaning the turret parts...
Wheels, Bro...wheels !!!
      The warped upper-hull was not a problem ... A little boiling water and he returned to the place, like a glove !!!
Resin is resin...small warpage are acceptable ...
      Construction continued quiet and smooth ... The tank is simply gorgeous!!
Neubaufahrzeug - rear view
Neubaufahrzeug - left side
Neubaufahrzeug - right side
      Increasing the kit with some scratches and metal accessories. She deserves it!!
Metal guns from RBModels...
Putting teeth in the main turret ...
7,92 MG 34 in close...
Notice the aerial made with acupuncture needle...
The aerial support, made with copper wire...
The turret Krupp almost done...
      Details in the hull:
Rear hull details...
Driver's hatch - the handle is PE
      Building the auxiliary turrets:
Auxiliary turrets
Front turret with MG 34
Rear turret with MG 34
A land battleship
       The building of the paws of the girl;
The front axle (metal wire) and the front idler wheels
Drive sprockets in the rear
the bogie's wheels
Aligning and gluing the wheels of the bogies
The bogies and its supporters clean and organized ...
Supporters of bogies put in its place ...
Gluing and aligning the front bogies...
Gluing the rear bogies ... others will be aligned based on them ....
The alignment is crucial in this stage...
The paws in place !!!
Metal parts in the bogies....
Aligning the return rollers with the aid of a straw.
Same sequence: build the first and last
Return rollers in position !!!
       The nightmare: link-by-link tracks. The quality is awesome, but I hate LBL tracks...
Cleaning the track links...
very good indeed, but I hate LBL...
Tracks in place...left side
Right side...
rear view

      After the tracks, the fenders...metal stuff;
Fenders in metal...
Front flaps under construction...
In place - left side - Notice the exhaust pipes...
Right side...
Adding brackets...
Rear view...
     Adding security to the movement of the tower: scratching the lock system with steel wire.
Gaps for the lock system...
The lock wire...
Adding accessories...
Note the crosshairs of the machine gun ...
the springs of the flaps ...

The girl is huge, indeed !!!
      Ready for paint job:

           Primer :

Primer in the hull...
...and in the turrets

      Up and down tones...

Notice the brackets of the tools..
       Future in the kit (to avoid silvering...)
Future sprayed with airbrush...
       And the decals: Bison rules !!!
Neubaufahrzeug (Krupp)
Panzer-Abteilung z.b.V. 40 - Zug Putlos - Norway - April, 1940

      The weathering...
Starting the weathering...
Old girl....
The other side...
Same treatment...upper deck...

      And the Girl was done !!!
Neubaufahrzeug (Krupp)
Panzer-Abteilung z.b.V. 40 - Zug Putlos - Norway - April, 1940

Neubaufahrzeug (Krupp) - right side
Panzer-Abteilung z.b.V. 40 - Zug Putlos - Norway - April, 1940

Neubaufahrzeug (Krupp) - left side
Panzer-Abteilung z.b.V. 40 - Zug Putlos - Norway - April, 1940

Neubaufahrzeug (Krupp) with M4A1 for size comparison...

Neubaufahrzeug (Krupp) with M4A1 for size comparison...
      Well... thanks , Tankers !!!  See you soon !!!

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    The Soviet Union and Germany developed the Walther Cristie patent on the basis of the existing large wheel suspension system, which allowed high-speed driving off-road.

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