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Chevrolet C8A HUW - case report

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!
      An old project, resin conversion, about this beautiful girl: Chevrolet C8A HUW CMP.
Chevrolet C8A HUW restored
      The CMP (The Pekinese) Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) trucks were a class and a coherent range of military trucks, made in large numbers, and in numerous variants, by Canada during World War II, compliant to British Army specifications, primarily intended for use in the armies of the British Commonwealth allies, but also serving in other units of the British Empire.
Chevrolet C8A heavy Utility Truck -  4x4 - 8 CWT
      Until the currency restrictions of the late 1940s, the Canadian automotive industry's output provided a major part of British Empire countries vehicles. These territories levied reduced, Imperial preference, duties on Canadian products, usually made by Canadian subsidiaries of the big U.S. auto manufacturers. In the late 1930s, Canada started drawing up standard designs, to prepare for the beginning of the war, which involved a unique and historic design and production collaboration between rival giant car-makers Ford and GM of Canada.
General Motors Canada built the Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck.
      Canadian Military Pattern trucks not only motorized the militaries of Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but were also sent to the Soviet Union following the Nazi invasion, as part of Canada's Gift and Mutual Aid program to the Allies.
Chevrolet C8A HUW and senior CBC war correspondent Matthew Halton
reports on an artillery barrage in Ortona, Italy - 1943.
      During the War, CMP trucks saw service around the world in the North African Campaign, the Allied invasion of Sicily, the Italian Campaign, the Soviet Front, the Burma Campaign, the Battle of the Philippines (1941–42), the Liberation of Northwest Europe, and the Western Allied invasion of Germany. CMP trucks also served in post-war conflicts in Indonesia, French Indochina, and the Portuguese colonies in Africa.
      The United Kingdom's official History of the Second World War called Canada's war-time production of soft-skinned trucks, including the CMP class, the country's most important contribution to Allied victory.
Chevrolet C8A HUA in evacuation duties
      Canada's trucks are considered to have "..put the British Army on wheels" - in the North African Campaign, the British Eighth Army fought Rommel using almost exclusively CMP trucks; and the Allied progress from Sicily, through Italy and France, depended heavily on the Canadian trucks. By war's end, Canada's vast supply of trucks provided a vehicle for every three soldiers in the field — compared to one vehicle per seven American GIs, making it the most mobile army in the world.
Chevrolet C8A HUP under trials, in Canada.
      To know more about these fantastic trucks, read this article, in our Bunker.
      Chevrolet C8A HUW: The van version of this 4x4, 8 CWT versatile truck, built for many uses - 101" wheelbase (2.565mm):
  • Chevrolet C8A Heavy Utility Truck Wireless (HUW)
Chevrolet CMP C8A HUW
  • Chevrolet C8A Heavy Utility Ambulance (HUA)
Chevrolet CMP C8A HUA
  • Chevrolet C8A Heavy Utility Personnel (HUP)
Chevrolet CMP C8A HUP
  • Chevrolet C8A Heavy Utility Machinery ZL (mobile radio repair shop) and Computer (accounting, payroll) configurations:
Chevrolet CMP C8A ZL
Chevrolet C8A HUW
Type3 ton 4x4 wireless truck
Place of originGeneral Motors of Canada Limited
Service history
In serviceFrom 1940
WarsWorld War II
Production history
DesignerChevrolet Canada
ManufacturerChevrolet in Oshawa
No. built13.000 (+ or -)
Weight2.700 kg

Chevrolet GM 216
3.548 cm3 - petrol -113 liters
85 hp @ 3.400 rpm
Wheel 4x4
9.25 - 16
80 km/h
440 Km

The kits:
      Well...for this project, I used an old "bagged" it from Bilek/Italeri Chevrolet 15CWT and a conversion it made by plus Model Chevrolet C8A HUW. I'm not an archaeologist, but I really like dinosaurs !!!
Jurassic kits!!

The Plus Model one... Very good, indeed!!!

The Bilek/ Chevrolet chassi... Old...very old!!!

The cabin under painting job...

Not bad for the age...

The resin body...

The marriage between plastic and polyurethane...
      For this baby, I'll scratch a rack for the spare wheel...in the right side of the body. Field adaptation...
Field adaptation: spare wheel rack!!

Under painting...

      The Plus Model decals were cracked. I used the Bilek ones... Canadian rules!!
Bilek's decals...
      But the Bilek's Research Department is a joke... The markings were wrong!!! RED 81 and artillery signals are totally wrong in the same vehicle... Time to remove the spurious badges and repaint the girl ...
Wrong markings...
      Bye, bye old markings and painting:
The new painting with fresh Future, in the decal spots...

     After that, time to research something real about markings... Again, My intention is to continue with Canadian markings ... I do this profile guide: Royal Canadian Dragoons - First Canadian Corps, in Netherlands, 1945.
 Royal Canadian Dragoons - First Canadian Corps, in Netherlands, 1945.

     The Chevrolet C8A HUW was ready. The vehicle belongs to Royal Canadian Dragoons - First Canadian Corps, Leeuwarden,  Netherlands, April - 1945.
Chevrolet C8A 4x4 HUW - Royal Canadian Dragoons
First Canadian Corps, Leeuwarden,  Netherlands, April - 1945.

Chevrolet C8A 4x4 HUW with Kojak and
Rover, the dog.

Two Canadian girls: Chevrolet C8A 4x4 HUW and
Chevrolet CMP C60S petrol tank

Chevrolet C8A 4x4 HUW - Royal Canadian Dragoons
First Canadian Corps, Leeuwarden,  Netherlands, April - 1945.

See you in our next project!!

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