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B-4 M1931 203mm Heavy Howitzer - Alan 1/35 - Case report...

       I will display to you guys this project that made ​​me very happy because I think I got as a result a beautiful model with a awful kit (eeeww)...
       You guys know this beautiful russian heavy howitzer: The B-4 203mm ... Really, an amazing piece of artillery:
Russian Heavy Howitzer B-4 M1931 203mm preserved
Russian Heavy Howitzer B-4 M1931 203mm - winter action

Russian Heavy Howitzer B-4 M1931 203mm
       The kit of this beautiful weapon was released by Trumpeter, with great reviews and ratings...
B-4 203mm - Trumpeter kit
        But the Devil is what I had in my storehouse this same gun reproduced by Alan.  And as I like challenges and I hate waste, I decided to build this howitzer with the kit  that I had: The age-old Alan!! 
B-4 203mm - Alan kit
So, let's go!!!

        Developed in the early 30's, the B-4 Heavy Howitzer was widely used throughout the Great Patriotic War. It saw service during the Moscow counterattack, the Stalingrad offensive, the Crimean liberation and in almost every severe street fighting. 
        With a combat weight of 17,700 kilogram the B-4 Howitzer could launch a 100 kg HE projectile over a distance of 11 miles. A crane attached to the side alleviated the loading process. During longer movements, usually accomplished by tractors, the barrel was dismounted and transported on a special wagon.
        The 203 mm howitzer M1931 (B-4) was 203 mm (8 inch) Soviet heavy howitzer. These guns were used with success against heavy German fortifications and in urban combat for crushing protected buildings and bunkers. This weapon was used right up until the end of the war in the battle of Berlin were the red army would bring up these guns at point blank range to smash German fortifications with their heavy 203mm shells.

WeightCombat: 17,700 kg
(39,022 lbs)
Travel: 19,000 kg
(41,888 lbs)
Barrel lengthBore: 4.894 m (16 ft 1 in) L/24.1
Overall: 5.087 m (16 ft 8 in) L/25

ShellHE: 100 kg (220 lbs)
Caliber203 mm (8 in)
Elevation0° to 60°
Rate of fire1 round per minute
Muzzle velocity607 m/s (1,990 ft/s)
Maximum range18 km (11 mi)
Production history
DesignerNikolai Nikititsch Magdesiew
Number built871

Kit building:
      Opening the box (fragile, thin cardboard ...), find all pieces in one plastic bag and instruction sheet. No decals.
The kit in the box...
        No historical references or specifications of the model. Only schematic drawings. In my opinion, a truly absurd...The historical research is always important!!!
Alan´s booklet
        Opening the plastic bags, the parts presents poor injection with tons of pin marks, flash, plastic contractions and other craps...See the images:
Horrible injection...
The track links...
...with contractions and pin marks. Awful!!!
The defects are impressive !!!
        Really, makes the strongest cry!!
The job that awaits me ....
        But enough of lamenting and will put their hands (and patience ...) to work:

The cradle of the howitzer...
       When I looked at the pieces and noticed the quality of injection ...
Oh, Gods...

Using metal scratch:(the original part is awful...)
        An example of the workload that the kit gives to the modeler: In this step, we must glue the two support pieces on the cradle of the gun.

        But the rivets prevent the perfect adaptation of the parts. Four rivets (each side) must be cut ...Surgery time!!!

Done !!!
        But you have not seen anything! It´s to weep!

The defects and flaws are unbelievable!!!!
         Tons and tons of putty:
Sorry for the putty´s rusticity ... It has been almost a catharsis!

After sanding the putty...
        Some details and corrections are easier to run:
Open holes in the internal sides of the gun´s cradle.
 But, not all bad news: the gun barrel is ok !!!
Great Scott; the gun barrel is acceptable !!!
        After sweat, tears and blood, the kit is getting almost decent.

        As I was crazy, I turn the gun´s breech moves, drilling the hinge and inserting through a metal pin. I use a 0,5mm drill and a metal wire:
The gun breech with movment...




The howitzer is almost ready...

and another headache!!

Using my Panzerserra´s model sander made with a toothbrush

        In summary, build this kit was a religious experience!
More tortures... Detailing the steel wire of the "organic" winch of the gun. 
I used black sewing thread ...
        You guys can believe in such a picture??
Impressive....Most impressive !!!
         Continuing the "karma": more details and scratch...

        And the "Ugly Betty" was thriving ...

        Making the suspensions; These devices must be remnants of Build Tractors Programs in the Thirties, in the Soviet Union!
За родину !!!!
        Making make-up...

Little details...
        This ugly girl needs some cosmetics: building springs for the blade...I used phone wire to do this...As template, a 0,5 mm drill bit :

        Notice the comparison between the Alan parts and metal springs I did with wire....
Notice the Alan parts 

In position !!!!
         The shoes of the girl!!
The bogies and tracks were ready.
         detailing the gun´s ammo winch:

Hand-brakes in position.
        And the beast was almost ready to shoot:

        After the primer, paint and Future:

Ready for wethering...
 And the Rough Girl was ready!!!

Russian Heavy Howitzer B-4 M1931 203mm

Russian Heavy Howitzer B-4 M1931 203mm - left side

Russian Heavy Howitzer B-4 M1931 203mm - right side

        Normally Kojak is who is next to the machines, for comparison of size. But he was so traumatized by the quality (poor) of the Alan kit that he was unable to report for duty. So, I took this photo of the howitzer next to T-34 57mm Destroyer.

I hope I have not scared you guys with my story... 
See you, soon, Tankers!!!

8 comentários:

  1. Excelente trabajo, I started the alan kit many years ago and never ended the horrible piece of plastic it was. Pero este trabajo es la pera. You have solved all the problems with elegance and clever resources. Vamos que lo petas. en general esta peazo tronco plástico, es mejor que la vieja con eso y todo.

  2. Incredible what a horrible quality of the kit and at the same time compliments on the results you achieved with it !!

  3. Hahahhahahahahah I like the humor with which you describe this build. This kit really is the perfect exemple of a crapy injection kit!!!! After seeing this, a resin kit couldn't scare anyone anymore : )
    You managed to turn this poor (and that's a euphemism) kit into a real little (or rather big) gem!

    By the way: I love your Panzerserra tool : )


  4. Pablo: realmente, un desafio !!!

    Dave: Thanks for the words!!!

    Thierry; My sander is very cool, indeed!!!

    Thanks all, Gents !!!
    merry X´mas!!!!

  5. Wow - you are an amazing modeler!!
    Thank you for your extensive photos and in-depth analysis of your project.
    Very helpful and educational. Keep up the incredible work.

  6. Thanks, Unknown !!! And do not be shy ... identify yourself, my friend !!!
    Hugs !!!

  7. Sir, you are a modelling god. I have never seen such resourcefulness, patience and determination such as you with this Alan kit. Not only are your modeling and scratchbuilding skills off the charts, but your artistic skills with the weathering and painting effects are incredible. You sir have a gift. You are not a modeler, but truly an artist. Just amazing. You are an inspiration. Keep up the jaw-dropping work! Thanks, Mike

  8. @Mike: Thanks a lot, my friend...Thanks for the incentive !! All the best !!