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Autocar 7144T tractor - Real Model - 1/35 - case report

Well, Gents ...
As I'm on vacation (hurra!!), You'll see many things here ....I decided to build this kit in resin, from Real Model, which I got from my wife on Valentine's Day.
kit box
It is a model that always wanted to build and I confess I was eager for the opportunity to build this truck. I love resin models and we'll see what holds this project....Let´s rock !!!

      First of all, the real thing: These tractors were huge ...

font: Internet
The kit:
The instructions are more than laconic ....Pics (very bad pics...) only...
box and "instructions"....
And the resin parts...hmmmmm...
kit´s resin parts

The pieces have many, many bubbles and casting defects ...
It's amazing the amount and "quality" of defects ...

                                                                           resin defects
bent part
details missing...bubbles


      Just horrible!  What a disappointment with a kit so expensive (90 euros) and so badly done...But no use crying.The important thing is to build ....If life gave you a lemon, let's make a lemonade!! Hands on work !!!

Starting by fix the defects in the resin wheels ....The Dremmel is irreplaceable:
defect ...
 Fifteen minutes after:
fixed !!   The devil is having to do it seven more times ....
The cabin floor and front fenders:
cabin floor
The side rails of the chassis, clean. Thank Goodness, these parts were not so bad ...
chassis parts
The engine: 

Transverse parts of the chassis. Make the strongest cry !!!!!
notice the defects in the 107 and 48 parts...Grrr!!!!
The chassis under construction. The alignment is essential ....The front bumper server as a jig!

I will publish a series of photos, with part numbers, to try to help someone who also purchased this kit. Let´s go;

engine in chassis: top view
belly view
Building the tractor´s  "snout" ... Look at the "fittings"
snout- left side
snout- right side
snout- front view - bubbles !!!!!
Gentlemen ... This is a religious experience !!!!!

For major illnesses, great remedies ....Putty time!!!!
two kilos of putty in the snout !!!!
      Sorry for the bizarre and shocking images.
I´m sorry !!!!
Well, after this catharsis (and while the tons of putty dries ...), advancing the construction of the chassis:
driveshaft and steering bar
exhaust and muffler
exhaust pipe made with plastic wire insulation
rear springs supports
The suffering continues ...

This kit is really complicated ....
The cabin after sanding the tons of putty. Notice the amount of material that remained to correct the defects. Took the opportunity to open the doors of cabin ventilation:


The worst don´t are the blocks of resin they call pieces, but the rotten "instruction manual"....
Find the place of the parts is annoying. Build the chassis properly is the biggest challenge. Thankfully, the Internet helps us in these hours ....
TM chassis diagram...Thanks to the Gods !!!!

chassis under construction
 And the cabin in the chassis;

The thing starts to look like a truck ....
The summit is in sight !!!!!

Ahoy !!!!
Building the 5th wheel´s mechanism. It must be mobile...
fifth wheel device
Fornt grill...
front grill...remove this piece without damaging from the resin block was "distressing"
Rear axle, mudguards and other details...

     And the Big Girl is ready for paint: Primer first

... And the olive drab. The "shiny" appearance due to the use of Future to prepare the truck´s surface for  decals ...

Decals  !!!! The Autocar after decals and a new Future´s layer, sealing all...

 Now,  it's time for hurting the girl. Weathering is coming..
The huge girl (Sue is her name...) dirty and aged...

      And now, a new stuff: My wife make dolls and my flowers with a mass called "biscuit", which is like a cold porcelain ...I saw her working with this clay and the biscuit  looks like putty two-component, only it comes ready.
Biscuit mass
Immediately, I had the idea of trying to shape the "biscuit" to do the canvas cabin.
Let´s go: 
Using a rolling pin to thin biscuit ...
making canvas for the cabin

making another canvas in the spare wheels...

This "biscuit" dry in 24 hours ...

      And the biscuit turned out to be an epic fail

      A colleague (Thanks, Pressinate...) warned me that the material contracts severely. And it happened!At first, the contraction was minimal, but when dried in total, contracted a lot. Nearly broke the frame of the windshield ...See the final aspect:
notice the windshield frame bended and the tarp contracted...
      It was a pity because the material is pleasant to work f and the results had been excellent. I removed the bent part and I reversed the portion of the roof with the old technique of tracing  paper and PVA glue diluted in 40% water:
biscuit roof removed...
 using tracing paper plus PVA glue to do the canvas...the paper is wrinkled, but when dry, it stretches ....
After dried paper and PVA glue, painted with khaki (acrylics)...

the spare wheels canvas was ok...
      Tomorrow, I will make the transparencies of the windshield and the finishing touches ...and... The Sue is ready for battle !!!
      After the shock with the tarp´s material of the cabin, everything was resolved to the satisfaction ... I used oils and Mig pigments for weathering, plus masking tape painted to the leather handles.

      I hope you like ... The style of these COE trucks is really cool!!
Autocar 7144T
3/4 left front view
3/4 right front view
right view
3/4 right rear view
3/4 left rear view
left view

"Sue" is ready....

See you, again...soon. Bye, Gents !!!