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Skoda Radschlepper Ost Porsche Typ 175 - case report

Tankers... I built this awesome tractor in 2010...

        But, one moment, please !!! This is not the building of plastic kit from Riich Models, but the resin kit from ADV Azimut.
ADV Azimut resin kit
      As usual, first of all, let's know the history of this weird vehicle.
Skoda Radschlepper Ost Porsche Typ 175
      The German Army was almost totally unprepared for the climatic conditions found on the Russian Steppes after the 1941 invasion. For much of the year the land was covered in ice and snow, or the ground was churned to deep mud. To cope with these conditions the German Army requested new vehicles, and the Radscshlepper Ost (Wheeled tractor - East) was on of the designs submitted. It was a large wheeled tractor designed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche as the Type 175, pilot vehicles being ready by late 1942.
Suspension and transmission in a Factory Model
Skoda Ost transmission
      Production was undertaken by Skoda in Czechoslovakia and an order was placed for 200 vehicles. The Radschlepper Ost used large diameter steel wheels, commonly used on farm tractors of the period, which reduced the speed to only 15 km/h. In service the performance did not meet expectations. 
Presentation of  Radschlepper to Hitler in January, 04 -1943
      The vehicle was initially rejected though Hitler is reported to have ordered 200 built anyway. Production ceased at 100 though and few or none served on the Ost front (the front it was designed for), several in the 1944 Ardennes Offensive. The all-steel wheels would have made for a very uncomfortable ride and it performed poorly on icy roads.
Skoda Ost lost in Ardennes
Skoda Ost in Fance - 1944

      The RSO weighed 7 tonnes and was powered by a 90 bhp Skoda 4 cylinder OHV engine.
Skoda engine - notice the characteristics of being air cooled
Skoda 4 cylinder OHV gasoline air cooled engine in the tractor snout
      Road range was about 125 kilometres and a crew of three men was normally carried. There where versions with solid, perforated and spoked wheels.
Skoda Ost with solid wheels

Skoda Ost with perforated wheels

Skoda Ost with spoked wheels


Skoda Radschlepper Ost
Porsche Typ 175

Wheeled artillery tractor 4x4
Place of origin
Service history
In service
Used by                                                                       
 Germany in WW II

Production history
Number built
7.000 Kg
6,22 m
2,30 m
3,065 m

Skoda OHV gasoline - 4-cylinder - 6024 cc - 90hp at 2000 RPM - air cooled

Porsche, mechanical, 5 ahead x 1 rear
elliptic springs in rigid axles
Fuel capacity-range
250 l / 125 Km
15 Km/h

The kit:
      The robust and spartan box kit:

The parts, after clean...
         I started the building by the cabin. painting the interior...
Notice the instruments panel  (painted by brush)
...and the seat.


       And while the cabin dry, I dedicated myself to building the chassis. The instructions are confused and incomplete ...Good thing there are references available!!
This photo with the details of the belly of the tractor is pure gold!!

The chassis kit, in its early stages of construction:
Some scratch, to enhance the details
Building (and scratching...) the winch...
Steel cable in close...
The girl, on own paws ....
Belly view !!!
Adding details in metal and plastic...

      Honestly, I was a little disappointed with this kit. The Azimut products are so prestigious  and famous, but this is pretty simple ... Gluing the body to the chassis;

       And working with cooper wire:

The ladder
       Cabin in dry-run:

        I repositioned the Pittman axis of steering box and decided to add some more details in metal:

      I glued the cockpit after the isolation of glasses with tape: Painting ahead !!!

Side view
Some chains in the body and towbar:

The air filter in close. Notice the pipe, made with welding wire...
       Primming the beast !!

       Our colleague Javier de Luelmo reminded me about the vehicle exhaust. I'd forgotten. Gently, he sent me this pic, below:
Notice the exhaust ...
Exhaust made with plastic rod and metal wire...

Exhaust done !!!
Using bijoux parts as body markers
       And the girl in yellow:

Uops...I almost forgot the rearview mirror ...

    And the two tons strips cammo:

      Over the strips cammo, I decided to make a winter cammo ..I did my decals: generic markings of Wermacht. 

Starting the weathering...

      And the Girl, ready for action:
Skoda Radschlepper Ost Porsche Typ 175 - Ardennes, 1944.

Skoda Radschlepper Ost Porsche Typ 175 - right side

A dirty girl !!!

Skoda Radschlepper Ost Porsche Typ 175 - left side

Skoda Radschlepper Ost Porsche Typ 175

        Thanks for follow, Gentlemen ...

Bye, Tankers !!!