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Austin Tilly 4x2 light truck - resin kit - case report

      Nowadays, we can build this pretty light truck in injected plastic, but when I built this girl (2006), the only option were the resin kits. Let's see a bit of (painful) modeling of the old days: Austin Tilly 4x2 light truck. 

Austin Tilly 4x2 light truck
      The name "Tilly" (the Utility) was used by many British vehicles of civil origin with military use. In this group, we can mention cars and trucks of mixed use built by Austin, Hillman, Standard and Morris. But the small Austin Light Utility Truck 4x2 is practically synonymous with this designation.
      The Austin Tilly Light Truck was a direct derivation from car Austin Ten Saloon, type G / YG.
Austin Ten Saloon - 1944
      The Ten Saloon was a robust and friendly four-door family car, with pressed steel chassis platform type, built in the early 30. During his long life, presented various types of bodies and engines, and Tilly is derived from model G / YG 1939.
Austin Tilly light truck 10HP
Hillman Tilly light truck
Hillman Tilly light truck - Royal Navy
Standard Tilly light truck - 12 HP
Morris Tilly light truck
      The Austin Ten Saloon was well described in a manufacturer's folder:
Austin folder
      "AUSTIN TEN, considered by many as the ideal family car, provides a truly comfortable ride for four adults. The large rear seat and the comfortable front seats demonstrate their exceptionally generous accommodation. The engine with its crankshaft offset and improved combustion chamber allows to drive an extremely smooth and good road performance; features a wide power for normal requirements and maintenance costs are low. The car is pleasant and safe driving in all conditions, and is equipped with low-maintenance equipment. Toward the left is optional. "
Hillman factory - Tillys under construction
      At the beginning of World War II, civilian production was completely diverted to the war effort.
Austin Tilly with Malta cammo
The Tillys served in all theaters of operation in all forces and transferred to various countries of the Commonwealth and its allies throughout WW II. They were much appreciated by the robustness and simplicity of use. And face it, this is a very large curriculum for such a simple and small vehicle.
Princess Elizabeth in front of her Tilly - WWII
Austin Tilly 4x2 light truck
Also calledAustin Tilly light truck
Production1939 - 1945
30,000 (?
Body and chassis
Body style2-door pick-up
EngineAustin 4-cilynders, type G3-222AB (& variants), 1.237 cc, side valves - carburettor Zenith 30VM4,water cooled, 29,5 BHP at 4000 rpm.
Transmission4-speed manual gearbox plus 1 reverse - G3-150 type
Ground clearance
1514 Kg
Electrical sys.
12V Lucas
Girling - rod op.
Petrol - tank: 38 L
16 x 6 ELP

The kit:
      When I built this girl (2007), the only option to have this model in our collection was in resin. The market had the (excellent) model manufactured by Accurate Armour, but the kit that I got (bought in eBay) was weird. The box was no identification and the instructions sheet completely anonymous ... Should be one of the (in)famous resin garage-kits, so common in the 90's. (sorry about pics: resolution standard in 2007)
Home made casting - lots of burrs...
      The kit was made up of 32 parts in polyurethane resin, well injected. It comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, without art or description. The pieces in zip-lock bags, widely protected with bubble plastic. The kit features a manual with detailed instructions. No decals or PE included. The largest parts are the chassis, bodywork and cabin.
Main parts after cleaning job!!!
      An interesting detail was the wheels, which featured two types of tires: a pair with civil tread (front wheels) and another with off-road tread (rear). And the spare tire features the off-road design. The main difference is a screw in the center of the wheel.
Wheels: rear (traseiro) and front (dianteiro)
      After reviewing the cleaning of the parts, I started the building by the rear suspension. I installed the rear differential on the chassis, in the appropriate pins. The use of these pins is important because the weight of the vehicle is not only supported by the springs, which weaken the assembly.
Notice the differential installed in the pins
The rear springs in position...
      It's prudent to do a dry-run with the wheels, to test the alignment of the building. If everything is correct, you can choose to glue or not glue the wheels at this stage. I glued mine...Note the tread of the rear tires.
Rear wheels in position
      The next step is the front suspension. Notice that the springs have a certain curvature in the longitudinal direction. Also note the fittings that the front axle has on its lower face: they are made for the perfect adaptation of the springs.
Front axle and springs in position...
      We must glue the steering bar before installing the wheels. The bar is located between the spring beams and the chassis. In the photo below, the wheels in dry-run ... Watch the tread of the front tires.
Notice the treads of tires...
      The alignment of the front wheels was critical. Nothing worse than a vehicle with crooked wheels. The kit only had the choice of front wheels aligned straight. If you wanted to be turned a little, should replace the mounting pins by wires wires.
      Being lazy, I left my Tilly straight. Mea culpa!!
     You can use any means of testing the perpendicularity of the wheel. I have an acrylic cube with faces at 90 °, which helps a lot ... A Testors ink bottle is also a good choice ...
Aligning the front wheels vertically...
Rear view
      After the installation of the front wheels, it's time to put the transmission shaft. The fit was tight, and fragile. My part broke and I could not fix. I made a new drive shaft with metal and used the original kit crosspieces, increasing the details. I took advantage and made the exhaust system in scratch.
The new transmission axle and the exhaust pipes...
      Like a glove!!!

      The next step was to assemble the cargo bed at the rear of the chassis. The piece fits perfectly. In the body, the back cover can be mounted open or closed, depending on your preference. I opted for closed. See the following photos;

Checking the alignment ...
Checking the alignment ...
Installing the rear bumper...
      In the building of the cabins interior, some pieces had to be made in scratch because the resin parts was bad and very fragile. A copper wire with 16mm will be your steering column. The pedals have been made of thin metal wires. Notice the seats installed in their tracks ...
Scratching details the cabins interior
Notice the stering wheel, lever of parking brake....
Details in place. Notice the rear seats (in green arrows)
Electrical wires for headlights: thin cooper wire and superglue...
Much better!!!
Tiny resin parts...The best meal for the Carpet Monster!!!
Front bumper...
Details in plastic for the front bumpers; curved reinforcments !!!
Turn indicators in scratch ...Cool...
      Painting time: Shades of green!!!

The cabin closed....
Pretty girl!!!

      My garage-kit don't come with rear canvas and fittings... Scratch again...Notice the details in metal...

Painting the metals...

      I choose painting my Tilly with markings of 1st Polish Armored Division (the famous Black Division), who fought in Normandy in August, 1944, commanded by General Stanisław Maczek, in the Operation Totalize. Mickey Mouse cammo and decals from my spare decals box!!!
General Stanislaw Maczek in his Cromwell command tank.
In detail, the badge of the Black Division
Mickey Mouse cammo with Future

Uops...I was forgetting the Bridge sign plaque
1st Polish Armourde Division

       Making the canvas with tracing paper and paper-tape:
The paper soaked in a solution
of PVA glue + water...

The canvas painted ...
       And after the weathering, my Austin Tilly is ready for action.
Austin tilly 4x2 light truck
1st Polish Armoured Division
Operation Totalize - France
August, 1944

Austin tilly 4x2 light truck
1st Polish Armoured Division
right side

Austin tilly 4x2 light truck
1st Polish Armoured Division
left side

Sherman Firefly VC and Austin Tilly 4x2 light truck: size comparison
      Well, Gentlemen ...
      Today, with the Tamiya kit, build an Austin Tilly in 1/35 scale is easier. The purpose of this post is show to younger colleagues how hard it was when the Resin Empire prevailed!!!