The publication of any images or informations related to nazism, fascism or any other totalitarian regimes must be understood as the reproduction of historical accuracy and not as apology to these regimes, leaders or symbols.
A publicação de qualquer imagem ou informação referentes ao nazismo, fascismo ou quaisquer outros regimes totalitários deve ser entendida como reprodução do rigor histórico e não como apologia a estes regimes, líderes ou símbolos.

About me

     Hi, friends... 
    My name is Marcos Serra and I have been a plastic modeler since the age of 15 years old... (I was born in 1959). I think the hobby is fantastic, because it combines skills, historical research, aesthetic sense, coordination and above all, entertainment ...
      I started modeling in scale with aviation, but later switched over to AFVs in 1/35 scale, which is my passion.
      In the "Plastic Model World" , I'm known as Panzerserra and I used as my avatar for many years an adaptation of a famous allied WWII propaganda poster "He's Watching You",
Old Panzerserra's avatar
       In 2021, I decided to restructure the look of the Bunker, changing my avatar to another design also based on a poster from the Information Division - Office of Emergency Management. I loved the modernist style of drawing and the strength embedded in the drawing message ...

         And this is my new avatar, now:

       Any questions or suggestions, please write to me ...My e-mail is on hand to talk about plastic modeling:

      Be my guest...