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Chevrolet CMP FAT (Field Artillery Tractor) 4x4 and Chevrolet C15A 4x4 truck crane - field adaptation - case report


     Let's start a new double project: a Chevrolet CMP FAT (Field Artillery Tractor), officially the Chevrolet 8440/CGT Tractor - 4x4 and a scratch project with Chevrolet CMP C15A 4x4 truck crane - field modification.
Chevrolet 8440/CGT Tractor - 4x4.
Chevrolet CMP FAT 4x4
      The CMP FAT (Field Artillery Tractor), officially the Chevrolet 8440/CGT Tractor, 4x4, Field Artillery, was an artillery tractor of the British and Commonwealth forces during World War II. CMP stood for Canadian Military Pattern (The Pekinese) and was applied to a number of trucks, artillery tractors and utility vehicles built in Canada that combined British design requirements with North American automotive engineering. As with other FATs, the CMP was usually used to tow either the 25 pounder gun-howitzer...
Chevy FAT 4x4 towing 25pdr. howitzer and limber
Chevrolet FAT with limber and howitzer
Chevrolet FAT in the field with 25pdr and limber
The crew preparing the gun for basement.
... or the 17 pounder anti-tank gun. A power winch was located above the rear axle for manouvring the gun or unbogging the vehicle.This winch could be used by both the rear as the front of the vehicle:
Chevrolet FAT pulling an artillery piece from the front
      The first models were produced in 1940/41 and the body went through a number of design changes throughout the war. Post-war examples were supplied to Denmark who provided their own bodywork.


Chevrolet CMP FAT 4x4

TypeArtillery tractor
Place of origin
Weight4.935 Kg (empty) 6.000 Kg (gross)
Length4,62 m
Width2,38 m
Height2,87 m
Crew1 + 5 passengers



Electrical sys.

Own 6-cylinder, 3.548 cm3 (216 cubic inches) displacement, liquid cooled, carburettor - 85 at 3.400 rpm.
Transfer case: 2 speed.
6 volt, negative ground
Hydraulic with vacuum servo assistance..
10.50 - 20
Fuel capacity
Wheel, 4 x 4
91 l (Petrol)
290 km

The project (and kits)
      As always, I'll do a double building: As I have two kits Peerless (# 3510):
Peerless precambrian kit...I have two of these dinosaurs!!! I will make a tractor type, standard. And another as a truck crane, with equipment made as field modification, by the engineers. The idea is to make a truck using a winch system of the tractor. A real Frankenstein!!
      The Peerless kit is old but very well detailed. The kit comes with many truck parts (cabin, suspension,etc). For the winch version, I will do the kit as truck, but using some components of the tractor version, such as more tough rear suspension and chassis winch. This is my concept:
Chevrolet CMP  C15A 4x4 truck crane  - field modification.
      Starting the project: the kits starting by the chassis: My two Peerless kit came with two different colors of plastic:  gray (softer) and a bright green (more brittle). Another interesting detail: the green version came with vinyl tires, while the gray came with (much better) injected plastic tires. I'll build the tractor with gray and the crane with green. First, the tractor:
Tractor version: chassi and the wheels, for perfect alignment

Tractor version: chassi  belly view

Tractor version almost ready...
       Time to start the truck crane version:
Crane version: notice the different color of plastic
The wheels for vynil tyres....eww!!
Notice the rear suspension and the chassi winch
Almost there...
Painting the interior...Truck first...

...and the tractor.
Closing the cabins...
The girls, side by side...
      But now, the cakewalk is over ... time to scratch. As the CMP is typically a Canadian vehicle, I decided to make my girls with the colors of Canada.
Go Canada, go !!!!
      My idea is that one Canadian Maintenance Park needed a truck crane for fast maintenance, but the engineers did not have the "official" version of CMP wrecker:
Chevrolet CMP Wrecker
    The solution? Catch an available truck, strengthen the rear suspension system and install a winch tractor, to build an improvised crane with scrap parts. Let's review the concept:

Chevrolet CMP C15A with crane - field adaptation
      Get to work...Reinforcing the chassis:
Reinforcing the chassis with Plastruct.
Notice the tractor winch in the interior of the chassis
Chassis reinforcements...
       I did the loading platform with balsa wood. Notice the space for the winch device...
Balsa wood  as bed platform
side view
Notice the internal reinforcments...

The crane made in Plastruct and spare parts
Testing the  crane device...
Notice the pulleys...
The boom of the crane is expandable and is locked by a pin ...
Installing the lift steel cable and  the tension cables of the boom.
The  adjustment of the boom height is made by chain links
in a locking pins.

Notice in the left background : accessories and a log for towing  
Well, I took advantage of the holidays year-end and finished the Chevys. Let's see the pictures:
The Chevrolet 15CWT truck crane after primer and
with disruptive cammo in black
Chevrolet 15CWT truck crane - right side...
Chevrolet CMP FAT in green...
The toilette paper is to prevent patches inside...

      Now, it's (best) time of the markings. After some research, I decided to place the two vehicles at the end of the war, the final advance on Germany, in 1944-45. The two girls are Canadians. I drew the profiles to guide the application of decals. Thank the Gods and my old HP Laserjet Color, I even did the decals my own.

      First, the tractor: The "puller" girl belongs to 1st Canadian Infantry Division, attached to 1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, D Troop, B Battery in germany, 1945. The drawing was based in Armored Accorn art.

Markings for Chevrolet CMP FAT.
       And the Girl, painted with Vallejo and oils:
Chevrolet CMP FAT (Field Artillery Tractor) 4x4

Chevrolet CMP FAT (Field Artillery Tractor) 4x4 - left side

Chevrolet CMP FAT (Field Artillery Tractor) 4x4 - rear view
Chevrolet CMP FAT (Field Artillery Tractor) 4x4 - right side

Chevrolet CMP FAT (Field Artillery Tractor) 4x4
with Kojak, for size proportion
The bald one, happy with his new toy...
In old fashion way...
Chevrolet CMP FAT (Field Artillery Tractor) 4x4 - bird view
       And the truck-crane. She proudly display the marks of 1st Canadian Army, providing services to Royal Canadian Engineers, Headquarters of 1st Canadian Mechanical and Equipment Company in Germany,1945.
Chevrolet C15A 4x4  truck crane - drawing based in Italeri art
Chevrolet C15A 4x4  truck crane

She's called Old Beth
Chevrolet C15A 4x4  truck crane - right side

Chevrolet C15A 4x4  truck crane - rear view

Chevrolet C15A 4x4  truck crane - left view

Chevrolet C15A 4x4  truck crane  Old Beth with Kojak

       Finally, the two girls of this project, side by side:

The Chevy C15A working...
The bald one supervising the work ...

      Well, Gents... Another double building finished !!!! A happy New Year to all and thanks for following the adventures of this Bunker.