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terça-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2013

Happy New Year !!!!

All the best, Tankers !!!!

Health, peace and many kits to build in 2014 !
Are the wishes of Panzerserra Family !!!

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Alain DRÈZE disse...

Happy new year and all the best for 2014 for you and for your family with a lot of hapiness and long long long time for our hobby with greats models to build and the pleasure to share it with all our internet community.
With my best friendly thoughts.

Marcos Serra disse...

Hi. Alain...Thanks, again.

Many, many models to build in 2014 and health and good sight to do this !!!!

Cheers and mi casa es su casa !!!!

Frédéric disse...

Pace é Salute !

Marcos Serra disse...

Merci, Frédéric !!!

Love your Citroen...

maximex disse...

Happy new year, model builder.
Markku Merikanto
(Markku / Markus / Marko / Mars)

Marcos Serra disse...

Hi, Maximex, my Finn friend !!!

Health and well warm blankets, in your cold Finland ....
Iso hali!

maximex disse...

Thank you.
A little funny winter.
No snow, only up north is it normal winter.
Yesterday + 6-7 celsius.
Like springtime.

Marcos Serra disse...

Indeed,, 28°C with rain....Hot for the season...
All the best and take care, my friend !!!

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