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Churchill Mk III CDL - Canal Defense Light - case report

      I built this model in February, 2011 and would like to show the result for you, guys.
The Churchill Canal Defense Light version is often quoted, but was never photographed ! (It seems the Jagdtiger mit 8,8 cm ...).
"...Using a carbon arc light the CDL could generate up to 13 million candle power which was made to flicker. This causes the pupil to dilate and contract rapidly, temporarily blinding the viewer.  Churchill, Grant and Matilda tanks were converted to the CDL role." 
font: The Tank Museum site

Unique graphical reference of existence of  Churchill CDL - cartoon with Sir Winston in pee act..
      In Missing-Lynx Forum, some colleagues have added few more pieces in the history of Churchill CDL.  John Tapsell says;
      " Matilda and Churchill CDLs were always intended as a temporary solution. As I understand it, the M3 Grant was always considered to be the ideal long-term solution. 
      I've never seen photos of a Churchill CDL but I've seen clear reference to them in terms of ordering turrets - '65mm' turrets were designed for the Matilda, Churchill and M3 whilst '85mm' turrets were listed as only being suitable for Churchills. I assume that the 65/85 measurement was the frontal armour of the turret (and differences in weight). 
      As of September 1942, 290 '65mm' turrets had been delivered of 390 ordered. No '85mm' turrets had been delivered out of 100 ordered.  35th Tank Brigade was issued with both Matildas (49th RTR and 155th RAC) and Churchills (152th RAC) but it is unclear if the Churchills were ever fitted with CDL turrets. So - it was possible (even likely) that some Churchills had CDL turrets but only ever those based at Lowther Castle in Cumbria, where the CDL training took place."
      In the same Forum, Dick Taylor cites:
      "Found a reference recently in the diary of a member of 86 Fd Regt RA, stating that Churchills with searchlights were used on 9th February 1945 near Kranenburg: 
      A Churchill tank carrying a searchlight took up position in rear of our position and at night floodlit the area, pointing its beam over the town. With others in the neighbourhood it turned night into day and our gunners working on the guns were silhouetted against the night sky.

      Well, with these inputs, I could build a CDL Churchill, with no remorse!!!!
Churchill Mk III CDL
TypeInfantry tank
Place of origin                                                          United Kingdom
Service history
In service1942-1945
Used byUnited Kingdom
Production history
DesignerVauxhall Motors (A22)
ManufacturerVauxhall Motors
Produced1942  to 1945
Number built??

Weight38.5 t 
Length7.44 m
Width3.25 m
Height2.90 m
Crew4 (commander, radio operator, driver, co-driver/hull gunner)

Armour16 to 102 mm 
no gun. Turret with carbon light arc - 13 million candle power - one vertical slit
2 × 7.92 mm Besa machine guns (hull and turret)
EngineBedford horizontally opposed twin-six petrol engine
350 hp (261 kW) at 2,200 rpm
Power/weight9.1 hp/tonne
TransmissionMerritt-Brown 4 speed constant mesh epicyclic gearbox
Suspensioncoiled spring
90 km
Speed24 km/h
triple differential steering in gearbox

The kit:
      I used the amazing Churchill Mk III from AFV Club, as host.
Churchill Mk III AFV Club - an awesome kit !!!!
      And I transformed a CDL Verlinden turret  (the ceiling is flat, wrong) to the correct shape (with slanted ceiling):

Verlinden turret - starting the correction...
Adding the rounded edge of the turret - left: Panzerserra turret
            I made a silicone mold and cast other turrets for my future CDL's projects...
Panzerserra Foundry.
       Back to the design of Churchill ...
      According to reports cited above, the Churchill was seen at the end of the war, in a situation similar to that of Grants CDL. Based on this, I decided to characterize the CDL turret in the late version, with dummie gun.
    And, based on the cartoon, put some accessories typically in use in the Churchill´s turret, such as the back and side trunks.
Notice the dummie gun in the turret

The CDL Churchill primed
After primer, Archer casting marks

First layer of deep-green
Tonal variations...

      The markings of my Churcchill CDL. Cyclops it's a good name for a girl with one eye only:

      As usual, I made my decals with transparent film and Laserjet Color:
Panzerserra's decals.
        The girl with markings:

Churchill Mk III CDL - 35th Tank Brigade - 152 RAC

Churchill Mk III CDL - 35th Tank Brigade - 152 RAC
Three British night fighters tanks:
M3 Grant CDL, Churchill Mk III CDL and Matilda Mk  II CDL
M3 Grant CDL, Churchill Mk III CDL and Matilda Mk  II CDL
See you soon, Boys !!!

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