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Mercedes-Benz L3000 with snow-plow - case report

     For a little variety, let's see a German Girl in winter ...

       The girl was a Mercedes-Benz L3000 german truck.
Mercedes-Benz L3000 A 4x2 medium truck

      Before the war, during the 1930's, the German army mechanization was steadily ongoing but the most urgently introduced vehicles had been military transport trucks. At this time, they were trucks diverted from civilian use depending on their suitability for military use. The result of this policy was that about 100 different types of trucks were used by the army, leading to a real nightmare regarding spare parts supply and maintenance. 
      Plans were executed in 1934 and 1940 in order to standardize vehicle production. The 1940 plan established truck categories dependIng on their load capacity and designated manufacturers for various vehicles. 
      The 3t-class trucks consisted mainly of the Opel Blitz of which 100,000 were built and the Mercedes-Benz L3000. Production of the L3000 began in 1938, before the 1940 plan, and was equipped with a 65hp 4849cc Daimler-Benz OM6513 water-cooled engine and had a top speed of 65km1h. This truck had an overall length of 6.16m, an overall width of 2.35m and a gross weight of 6.5t. Its 70 liter fuel tank gave the L3000 a 370km range on-road and a 250km range off-road. In 1940, production of the L3000S equipped with a 75hp OM65/4 engine as well as the L3000 A equipped with the same engine and a 4WD transmission began.
Mercedes-benz L3000 S 4x4 medium truck

      The L3000 A/S were also equipped with a 90 liter fuel tank. When L3000 production ended in 1943, this truck had already fulfilled various missions such as troop and equipment transportation and canon towing on all fronts. Moreover, some were loaded with anti-aircraft guns. Following the L3000 series, Daimler-Benz produced the license-built Opel Blitz designated Opel L701, with wood cabin.
Opel Blitz L701 4x2 medium truck


The kit:
      As I like the rare stuff, I'll make this  truck in the snow-plow version. To do this project, I used an Italeri kit and Plus Model resin conversion kit. I built this pretty in May, 2010.
Italeri Mercedes-Benz L3000 A
Plus Model snow plow conversion kit
poliurethane resin parts
Plus Model booklet - the kit convert the L3000 A to S (4x4)
Italeri booklet
      Let's go...Starting by the resin parts. The Plus Model conversion kit is a gem...and the Italeri kit is also good. See the pictures...are self-explanatory:
The snow-plow
...and the 4x4 conversion parts
transforming the 4x2 version in 4x4 version...
I used resin tires to substitute the vinyl ones. Electric Products Opel Blitz resin tires
The Opel tires adapts perfectly in the Mercedes wheels
Notice the front axle and the reinforcements made with copper wire
And the chassi with wheels
The alignment is crucial...
...and the chassi was ready!
The Mercedes cabin. Honest and easy to build...
The snow-plow bracket (in resin) and the actual (see below)

checking the alignment again ...
Building the elevator apparatus. The cabin needs a hole in the windshield base...
The snow-plow with the drive chain ( kit photo-etched )

Notice the wheel of elevator inside the cabin....
testing the snow-plow...

      My idea would be to locate this vehicle at an airfield, serving as clean-lanes, in Luftwaffe duties. In its loading platform, tree logs would be provide weight to the truck and at the same time, repair material for the airstrips and clearing the vehicle, if necessary.

The cargo concept: tree logs and fuel drums
      First of all, I reinforced the cargo bed:
balsa wood as reinforcement...
testing the concept: pomegranate tree branches as wood logs ....
so far, so good !!!
      Concept approved, it's time to continue the building: details and details added...

Building a hoist
more details in scratch...
      Primmig the girl:

      Panzer-gray, as usual....

      And the winter cammo: white stripes over panzer-gray...So Luftwaffe !!!

      Testing the hoist:

      Luftwaffe markings: My Girl serving in Flak-Abteilung 74, Russian Front, 1943.

Mercedes-Benz  - Flak-Abteilung 74 - Russian Front, 1943.

Keep distance 50m.
      Final tests with the logs and drums:

      Starting the piling the load: I used white glue to stabilize the logs...
Notice the drums tied with ropes...
First layer of logs...
White glue in the intervals of the logs to stabilize the second layer...and so on...
Final layer of logs...
Tying with polyamide yarn (without hair)
Final touches... and:
        Finally, ready for duty:
Mercedes-Benz L3000 S - Flak-Abteilung 74 - Russian Front, 1943.
Notice the tow rope ovet the snow-plow

Mercedes-Benz L3000 S - Flak-Abteilung 74 - right side

Mercedes-Benz L3000 S - Flak-Abteilung 74 - left side

      Thanks for follow, my friends !!!!  See you !!!

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  1. excellent model, Marcos, just needs snowy base, not stone :)))

  2. ehehheheeheh

    Indeed. the base of pic is my 'generic' base...

    I need build some different bases for my models...Too much to build, so little time !!!!

    Big hug, Bizarre...and thanks for the incentive !!!!

  3. Marcos Serra, você é mestre!!!! O kit ficou magnífico!!! Parabéns!!!

  4. Increible, cuanta delicadeza y buen hacer has puesto en este camión. Felicidades. Costumbrista y real. una belleza.

  5. Great stuff and model, I really like the load on the truck!