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terça-feira, 16 de agosto de 2011

Sherman V with British ARV cupola - case report

Gentlemen, I'll make this quick project.
      My goal is to build a Sherman 75mm with British commander cupola (ARV: all round vision), rather than the American original hatch. Something like this:
British ARV cupola in Sherman
      The biggest problem was finding references of Shermans 75mm with this cupola, because the more common photos are from Fireflies with this device.

       This photo I found with the citation of the tank being a Firefly:
Canadian Shermans
      But the shadow of the vehicle (and the gun...) suggest be a standard 75mm.
Sherman V (M4A4) Canadian
      The adaptation was warranted for the protection of the tank commander, as the British hatch (used in Churchills and Cromwells) allowed a 360 ° vision through their periscopes ...    
      But here are some photos of 75mm Shermans with this device. There are references to its used by the Polish (Fireflies) and Canadians (75mm).
Sherman 75mm with ARV cupola (background...)
Sherman V(M4A4) with ARV cupola
      For this project, I bought a semi-built kit of a colleague, from the Dragon.

        She arrived in this condition, at home
M4A4 Dragon, semi-built
       There is (or was ...) a conversion kit from Formations of this cupola. But as it is very rare, I will make one at home...
 Formations kit of British ARV cupola
        I'm going to do with parts left over from my Churchill AVRE and a little scratch:
Adapting the cupola ARV from Churchill AVRE (scrap) to the turret Dragon
The hull almost ready...
Adding the British rack (by Panzerserra) at the nape of the turret
beer can etched...
Well...It´s painting time !!!!!
Primer, to equalize the Sherman´s surface...
primer in the tank
First layer of color: Olive-drab, with ups and downs variations... The "gloss" aspect is Future, to prevent silvering ...
Tank in green...left side
Tank in green...right side side

      I researched and did the markings of my Sherman:
Sherman Mk V with ARV cupola - profile

        Decal...The best step !!
applying decals...

Canadian rules!!!
Making the "LUCIFER" decal with Sirap paper plus Laserjet. Piece of cake !!!
The name LUCIFER using Sirap Decal Paper for Laser prints
close-up of the decal made-in-home
Building the tracks. The DS tracks are so long. I cut 2 links to fix that...

notice the 02 links cut from DS tracks
Using superglue and...

Next step, weathering !!!!!
Making some baggage and cargo in the rear deck, using styrofoam and tracing-paper
styrofoam and tracing paper
The white glue diluted in water help in shaping the volume ...
the cargo drying...
And the girl ready for action:
Sherman V with ARV cupola
Sherman V with ARV cupola - left side

Sherman V with ARV cupola - right side

Sherman V with ARV cupola - Lucifer
Well, Gents...there this ...
Thanks for follow !!!

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Fernando Cesar Galdiano disse...

Doc, está muito legal ! Parabéns , novamente ! ;)

Fernando Cesar Galdiano disse...

Aliás, este bagageiro aí, na nuca do Shermie....você tem que fazer um tutorial de como é que é feito este scratch !!

Panzerserra disse...

Este bagageiro é uma cópia em resina dos bagageiros dos Churchills...Coisa de blindados ingleses...



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