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A publicação de qualquer imagem ou informação referente ao nazismo, fascismo ou outros quaisquer regimes totalitários deve ser entendida como reprodução do rigor histórico e não como apologia a estes regimes, aos seus líderes ou aos seus símbolos.

The publication of any images or informations related to nazism, fascism or any other totalitarian regimes must be understood as the reproduction of historical accuracy and not as apology to these regimes, leaders or symbols.

quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

News from the Panzerserra´s Bunker

        Tankers !!!!

        In this end of the year I will make some changes in my workbench and I can not build kits with the speed I want.
       So, to not to leave the Bunker boring, I'll post some old buildings, but of which I like very very much ...
        Quite soon, I will be at full steam again!!

        And not to upset the (anxious) Soviet crew, my first post will be a vehicle of the Great Patriotic War!!

For the Motherland!!!

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