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Faun L900 D567 6x4 tank transporter - case report.

      The protagonist of this post is one of the biggest German trucks of the beginning of WWII: the powerful Faun L900 D567  6x4 tank transporter.

Faun L900 D567 6x4 tank transporter
carrying a Panzer II Ausf D
1st company of the 67th Tank Battalion 3rd Light Division.
September 1, 1939, the first day of the Second World War.
        The plant Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach und Nürnberg AG (FAUN) came into being in 1919 from a merger of the "Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach AG" brand and the "Nümberger Feuerlöschgeräte-, Automobillastwagen- und Fahrzeugfabrik." The production program included trucks from 2 to 9 tons, with the numbers of each held within modest limits.
Faun radiator emblem
      FAUN received Wehrmacht contracts for, among others, the Uniform Diesel (700), the 9-ton truck (also as a tank transporter), truck-cranes (road and rail versions) and heavy wheeled tractors (road and rail versions).
Faun uniform diesel (Einheits)
Faun L900 D567 tank transporter
Faun L900 LK5 crane - road version
Faun heavy tractor (wheeled)
Faun heavy tractor (wheeled)
Faun heavy tractor (rail)
Faun heavy tractor (rail)
Faun heavy tractor (rail)
      The vehicles normally had a load limit of 9 tons and could be driven by 6- or 8-cylinder Deutz Diesel engines with 13.5 liters and 150 HP or 18 liters and 200 HP
     The Faun was one of the heaviest German trucks in service at the time. It weighed 8,800 kilograms and was 9.8 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, and 2.6 meters high. It required a crew of only one, that being the driver. It was powered by a 1,501 hp Deutz F6M5171 diesel engine, and could carry a total cargo load of up to 9 tons. 
Fauns L900 tank transporter in parade. The transported tanks were Panzers II.
Notice the early uniforms of crews.
      The Faun had no armor protection or armament, and it had six wheels, four of which were the drive wheels. It's primary purpose was transporting and carrying small tanks and armored vehicles, hence the abnormally long body and powerful engine. The Faun could carry up two small tanks at a time using the trailer Tiefladeanhänger für Panzerkampfwagen 10t (Sd. Ah. 115).
Faun L900 carrying and towing Panzers I
The trailer is a Sd.Ah. 115
      The Faun was produced by a variety of manufacturers, including Büssing-NAG, Vomag, Faun, Fross-Büssing, Krupp and MAN. The Faun was mostly used from the early to mid part of World War II, as it was primarily used to carry and recover small German light tanks such as the Panzer I and Panzer II.
Faun L900 D567 in duty with two Panzer II Ausf D
Polish Campaign - 1939
Faun L900 tank transportes carrying a Panzer II and towing a Panzer I.
Early days of Panzer Divisions
Fauns L900 with Panzers II Ausf D in Berlin.
Going to war !!!
     These light tanks became obsolete very fast and the Army had no more need of these early tank-transporters. So, the Faun L900's were transferred to the engineer companies or used as heavy ammunition supply trucks, especially on the long roads in Russia.
Faun L900 (Luftwaffe) cargo truck snorting up an icy slope with trailer in
Staraya-Russa. Winter 1942-43.

Faun L900 D567  6x4 tank transporter
Typeheavy truck - tank transporter
Place of origin                           Nazi Germany
Service history
In service1935–1945
Used byNazi Germany
WarsSecond World War
Production history
Weight9.000 Kg
Length9.80 m
Width2.50 m 
Height2.60 m 
Crew1 driver

EngineDeutz F6M5171 diesel engine 13.500 cc  6 cyl. - 150 HP  or
18.000 cc 8 cyl. - 180 HP

semi-elliptical leaf spring
suspension (front and rear)
4 speed foward x 1 reverse
Cargo capacity
10.000 Kg
Cruise range
Fuel tank
Turning radius
50 km/h (max.)
360 Km
200 L
Pneumatic (service)

The kit:
      In my closet, I found an old lady (resin kit) manufactured by Elite Militärmodellbau ( #EL3521) Wermacht Faun L900 D567 Panzertransporter. The parts were made with polyurethane resin, with somme bubbles and warpage, perhaps the age of the model ...
Box cover
Instruction sheets - cover
Instruction sheets...Spartan!!
      Well, let's start... The first impression: front sub-chassis part, severely warped...
Tried the technique of boiling water, but the result was not good ...
The best option: replace the warped part by Plastruct...
Surgery in progress..
The engine hood and the cockpit. Notice the seat...
The kit's seat was straight with the base.
I added a lip to improve the appearance (red arrow)

The Faun's snout - right side
Notice the seat...Much better...
The engine...
...and the new front sub-chassis.
I used dental acrylic for strengthening joints...
The girl is growing...
Notice my sanding table: amazing tool!!
Belly view...
      As the kit is very, very heavy, I decided to reinforce the rear suspension. I'll replace all the resin pins by metal rods.
Rear axles; making perforations along the entire length
of the axes, to pass a metal wire reinforcement.
Drilling carefully...
         Now, It's time to perforating the wheels . And the wheels are very big!!..
Huge wheels!!
Making the holes in the internal face of wheels.
Notice the lenght of the drill (green arrow)
Testing the metal rods...
The rods transfixing the rear transmission axes
In the exposed portions the wheels will be placed.
Same surgery in the rear suspensions...
Metal rod, drill, Dremel and steady hands!!
Belly view...
The metal rod will be cutted!! acrylic for strengthening joints.
On your feet, soldier!!

Testing the rear suspension: Heavy load

Big huge girl!!
      Well...Time to care of doors. The kit ones are very thick!! Luckily, the outer face of the door is flat. This allows me to sand the thickness of the door without sacrificing any detail. Time to use my "Panzerserra's Sanding Device" ...
Oh, man...thicker than a Tiger mantlet!!
Thank Gods for my Panzerserra's Sanding Device!!!
The doors in position. Notice the dashboard,
the pedals and levers in the cockpit's floor. Scratch!!!

      Searching the photos on the Faun tank transporter, I noticed that there is no standardization of the positioning of the fuel tank and side cargo compartments. Looking at the photo below, I noticed the existence of a fuel tank in the right side portion of the truck.(red arrow)
Red arrow: additional fuel tank (?).
Notice the abscence os spare wheel..
Well..let's make a fuel tank with plasticard..
And a good rack  for the spare wheel...
Spare wheel in position!!
And the fuel tank and spare wheel in position...
Chuck approves!!

      And let's see the actual pic again; Notice the cabin canvas, rolled behind the crew (green arrow):
The canvas top cabin (green arrow)
      The kit cabin part came erected, but very deformed and contracted (was so minor that does not fit on top of the cabin ...). A defect impossible to fix.
      I decided sculpt a new piece in Sculpey (had never done it ..) ... Let's see what will happen ..

The Sculpey stretched and cut into the shape of the cabin...
After molded and baking in the oven (130°C by 20 min.)
Fingerprints markings will be sanded, later...sorry...
Above expectations, being my first foray into this field ...IMHO !!!
and adding some details: horn, directions pointers, mini-headlights
and Notek light from my spare part box...
       After this details, time of metal work; building the rear ladders for cargo bed...
And final results...
Increasing the Elite kit!!!
Much better...

      More details...Replacing the awful headlights of the kit for some awesome Belorussian. stuff:
Very good!!
Reinforcement on the headlights: metal work
In the truck!! Good!!

air hoses for the brakes...
Drive shaft in Plastruct

      I'm building a Pz II Ausf D for the big girl may carry in his back!! See here a dedicate article with this light tank.
Two German girls!!!

Notice the arcs for the canvas of the cargo bed
Almost there !!

Next step: Primmer and colors !!!
Grey primer Vallejo
Belly view

Panzer Gray
The light tank also being painted ...
       As usual, I like to do a guide for markings. My huge girl belonged to 3rd. Light Division, 67th Tank Batallion, truck number 7, in action in Poland, October, 1939.

Notice the defect in the right corner of the cargo bed
I need correct that!!

To correct the defect of the cargo area, I decided to make a canvas
with epoxy putty. The appearance surprised me ...
Painted tires ...

Faun radiator emblem

      The glossy aspect is the Future... I love do the weathering with the kit in gloss...
The canvas of cargo area, spare wheel and cabin canvas painted in khaki

Now....weathering !!!
Dirty girl !!!

      And now, let's see the hardware for this version: wooden boards and shims for tank transport duties. First of all, we need consult the History! Notice the pic below: The consequences of a overload on a Faun working at its limit!
Oh, crap...The Panzer II Ausf D rolled out of the cargo bed!!
       In a close of the picture above, notice the stuff to facilitate the transport of the tank in the cargo area...
Tank transporter stuff
      Panzer II Ausf D climbing the Faun L900: Note the wooden plancks working as a guide rail:
Painting the kit stuff: shims and metal prfiles
Shims to lock the tank in the cargo area...
Cargo stuff  disposalBy the book. 
      I will not build the bench in the back of the truck (F and D above): It was used only in parades. ..My vehicle will be operational !!!
Parade's benches...
Parade's benches...
      The accessories for tank transportation in place... The big front shims and profiles are bolted in the cargo bay. The wooden plancks and little shims are free..
     And the Panzer II D in position, for testing...
Dry-run of the Pz II Ausf D.
      Another walk through history: the Germans were notorious in using materials and supplies from countries and theaters conquered operations. Based on this, I thought I'd put in the cargo area two drums of gasoline caught the Poles. First challenge: What is the fuel standard used in Poland in the 30 ??  Saint Google, Batman!!!

Polish Gas station: 30's

      Time to do new decals for my Faun:
Stanob logos...
STANOB drums 
Testing places.. hmmmm
To the victors, the spoils!   Using polyamide strand as rope ...
Much better!!   Notice the tail lights...
      And adding final details:
Chain to hold the spare wheel
Notice the ropes tying the canvas arches of the cargo bed
Headlights in place...
Almost there !!!
Weathering and weathering...
In the Faun and in the Panzer II Ausf D

Cargo area: bird view

99% done !!
The end is near!!!
      And the Big girl was ready: Faun L900 D567 6x4 tank transporter - 3rd. Light Division, 67th Tank Batallion, truck number 7, in action in Poland. September to October, 1939.
Faun L900 D567 6x4 tank transporter - 3rd. Light Division, 67th Tank Batallion,
Truck n.7 - Poland, September to October, 1939.

Faun L900 D567 6x4 transporting a Pz II Ausf D
 3rd. Light Division, 67th Tank Batallion,

Truck n.7 - Poland, September to October, 1939.

Faun L900 D567 6x4 transporting a Pz II Ausf D
 3rd. Light Division, 67th Tank Batallion,

Truck n.7 with Kojak and Rover, the dog.

Faun L900 D567 6x4 transporting a Pz II Ausf D
 with CCKW 353 fuel tanker,
for size comparison
Faun L900 D567 6x4 transporting a Pz II Ausf D
 with CCKW 353 fuel tanker,
The German girl is very huge!!!

Faun L900 D567 6x4 transporting a Pz II Ausf D
 with CCKW 353 fuel tanker,
See you, soon...In my next project!!!

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  7. @Nicolas, hi..Thanks for your tip. Indeed, your opinion is logical, but in all pictures, you notice the tank located exactly in the middle of the cargo area. See the real pictures above, showing this exact positioning. The chassis of the Faun should be extremely tough.
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