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quinta-feira, 14 de março de 2013

Sherman V (OP) Royal Marines - case report

Sherman V (OP) 'Fox' leads  two Centaurs CS IV of
Royal Marines Armoured Support Group
Tilly-sur-Seulles, France - June, 1944
      Recalling the Royal Marines Armoured Support Group (RMASG) story, when the British decided reinstall the engines in the Centaurs that bombard the coast, allowing the tanks to accompany the invasion forces, it was decided also that the Centaurs would need armored vehicles as observation posts. The chosen was the Sherman V.
Sherman V OP from RMASG in advance...


Sherman V (M4A4)

TypeMedium tank
Place of originUnited States
Service history
In service1942–1945 
Used by England - Canada - United States

Production history
ProducedMay 1942 – Sept. 1943
Number built7.499
Weight31.6 tonnes
Length6.05 m
Width2.62 m
Height2.74 m
Crew5 (Commander, gunner, loader, driver, co-driver)

Armor76 mm maximum
75 mm M3 L/40 gun (90 rounds)
.50 cal Browning M2HB machine gun (300 rounds),
2 × .30 Browning M1919A4machine guns (4,750 rounds)
EngineChrysler A57 Multibank 30 cylinder 21-litre engine. 470 hp at 2,700 rpm.
Power/weight12.2  hp/tonne
TransmissionSpicer manual, Synchromesh, 4 forward (plus 1 overdrive)  and 1 reverse gear
SuspensionVertical Volute Spring Suspension (VVSS)
160 km at 605 L; 80 octane
Speed40 to 48 km/h

The kit:
      For this project, as I said in the past post, I used the old Dragon kit 6041 Sherman M4A4.
Old Dragon 6041 Sherman M4A4 with 60 lb. rockets
      The build start by the suspension and bogies...

After the wheels are in place, it is time to attack the hull...
Closing the hull with chassi
The girl looks like a real tank...
Turret in close. Notice the .30 MG in metal...
Almost ready for paint...
Primer with Centaur !!!
      After the primer, I painted the Shermie with khaky-brown (Tamiya)
The two Royal Marines in khaky-brown.
Notice the tonal variation in the color base
      For this model, I used the fantastic decal from Archer:
Bison decal
      Reference about Fox:

Decal applied with Future...

The girls before matte varnish
Archer dry-transfer: Transport stencil
(This transfer was applied before the matte varnish)

      And... Done !!!
Sherman V (OP) Royal Marines

Sherman V (OP) Royal Marines - right side

Sherman V (OP) Royal Marines - left side

Sherman V (OP) and Centaur Mk IV CS - Royal Marines

Sherman V (OP) and Centaur Mk IV CS - Royal Marines

       And I am very proud to mention that these models of Sherman and the Centaur were chosen as examples in the book Sherman Tanks - British Army and Royal Marines - Normandy Campaign 1944 - Dennis Olivier. (ISBN 1473885302) - TankCraft number 2 (pages 30-31).

Thanks for following, Lads !!!

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