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domingo, 15 de junho de 2014

Panzerserra Bunker in vacation !!!

Tankers !!
      Celebrating the graduation of my two sons, our family will be on vacation in Europe in the end of  June to the end of July.

      But, in August, we'll return, with our projects !!!

Bye, Gents !!!

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Alain DRÈZE disse...

Hi Marcos !
When the whole world go to Brazil you decide to make the contrary choise !
Good idea to come in Europe, If you plan to go in Belgium please tell it me, I will be happy to see you (and your family) and I can play the guide to show you the best places in my country.
Have nice vacations my friend.

maximex disse...

A great idea to come to Europe, maybe some nice day to Scandinavia, perhaps even Karelian Isthmus :)
or sand ridge, top of two lakes between, Tampere city.
If traveling to Paris museums (not Lovre), perhaps you will meet my son-in-law
Paris also has a few scale model of the shop...
One is EOL 'Modelisme 70 - 62-55 bld Saint-Germain, Paris
I wish you a happy holiday

Marcos Serra disse...

Thanks for th invitation, Guys, but the route was drawn after a real council of war, more detailed than the Invasion of Normandy...
kkkkkk !!!

Hugs and thanks again, my friends !!!!

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