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7-Ton American Semitrailer, Panel Cargo - case report

Drivers !!!
      Well...it's my vacations...away of my workbench... Meanwhile, let's talk about a scratch-built project... About a companion of many of our brave trucks: the 7 ton American Semitrailer, Panel Cargo. Keep them rolling !!! ( These trailer will be finished with my Studebaker tractor...).

      The WWII-vintage 7-Ton Semitrailer, Panel Cargo (also called Semitrailer, 7-Ton, Combination Stake and Platform) is a two-wheel general cargo utility vehicle having dual tires.
      A spare wheel and tire is carried on a bracket attached to the front of the body.
      A retracting-type landing gear is attached to the frame, and is operated by a worm screw and hand crank, which is located on the right center side.

     Auxiliary supports are attached to both sides of the frame forward. The body, which is mounted on a steel frame, is of the open-top panel type, with a maximum payload of 6.350 kg.
   The frame is carried on a one-piece axle through a slip-end, semi-elliptical spring suspension. Two combination blackout tail and stop lights are installed on the rear.
      The braking for the trailer is done by means of internal expanding (Duo Servo), vacuum-operated power brakes, located on each of the inner dual wheels. The brakes are controlled through the tractor-trailer brake linkage system by an operating valve located on the tractor and operated by the driver through foot pedal or hand brake.
      The 7-Ton Semitrailer, Panel Cargo is towed by a 2 1/2-ton tractor-truck equipped with a fifth wheel coupling. The upper fifth wheel for this coupling, consisting of a plate and kingpin, is attached to the front end of the trailer.

      The 7-Ton Semitrailer, Panel Cargo was manufactured by multiple companies during World War II, with a different Ordnance Supply Catalog G number for each, including these:
  • Edwards Iron Works (G-544)
  • W. C. Nabors Company (G-546) Model 2-GC
  • Highway Trailer Company (G-572 and G-596)
  • Gramm Motor Truck & Trailer Corp. (G-595)
  • Carter Mfg. Co. (G-597)
  • Whitehead & Kales (G-598)
      The differences among the models are very small; all these trailers have the same outward appearance. Both wood and steel beds were produced. Some of the trailers have tubular axles, while model 2-GC has a solid, rectangular axle.

7-Ton American Semitrailer, Panel Cargo
Type      2 wheel general cargo trailer
Place of origin  United States of America
Manufacturer                            Edwards Iron Works (G-544)
W. C. Nabors Company (G-546) Model 2-GC
Highway Trailer Company (G-572 and G-596)
Gramm Motor Truck & Trailer Corp. (G-595)
Carter Mfg. Co. (G-597)
Whitehead & Kales (G-598)
Weight empty
Weight loaded
2.510 kg
8.860 kg
Length5.029 mm (not spare wheel)
Height (all)
2.324 mm
2.387 mm
Height of bed

Ground clearance
1.308 mm (empty)
1.225 mm (loaded)
355 mm (minimum)
Speed (max.) 72,5 km/h (road)

The model:
      As I said before, this project will be in scratch... In my return, of vacations!! 
See you soon, Drivers!!

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    1. Thanks a lot, Autolinkqatar. This is my intention!!! Hugs!!

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